Evolu’age™ - New Anti-aging Active Ingredient


Limoges, France - 02 March 2018

ID bio, part of Novacap group, launches Evolu’age™, a “well aging” active extracted from Getto leaves, sourced in Okinawa Island longevity secrets

Getto and the exceptional longevity in Okinawa Island
ID bio has investigated in the zones where there is an exceptional concentration of centenaries, called « Blue Zones » searching for the longevity secret of those populations. Okinawa Island is a « Blue Zone », and shows since 30 years, 4 to 5 times more centenaries than western populations, with 50 centenaries for 1000 habitants.

Two elements have been demonstrated to be key in the « pro-longevity » aspect:
  • 1/ The psychosocial factor of « true connexion » with family all life long,
  • 2/ The local food factor, also named « The Okinawa diet », in which Getto leaves (Alpinia speciosa) widely used in tea, wrapped food (mochi) and ice creams, seems to be a major influencer.
ID bio has made an extraction of Getto leaves, Evolu’age™
and demonstrated its positive effects on skin

Getto helps reinforce connexion between skin structural elements, thus improving skin tonicity and « healthy » look.

A transcriptomic study has shown an upregulation of genes involved in matrix elements connexion and matrix-fibroblast interaction. A study on skin explants has also shown an improvement of Dermo-Epidermal Junction invagination profile. The explants treated by Evolu’AgeTM show a « healthier » aspect versus untreated.

Major consumer benefits are significant effects on skin firmness and elasticity.

We have looked at the analogy between the positive effect of « true emotional connection » to people on longevity, versus « virtual connection » that is likely to isolate people.

At the skin level, our study tends to demonstrate that the connexion between skin structures improves its functionality and helps skin to show a replenished aspect.  

Evolu’age™ helps maintain the skin healthy look, thus positively influencing the self-image perception, to feel comfortable in your own skin, at every age in life.
More to discover about Evolu’Age™ at In-Cosmetics Amsterdam.

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