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History of the SOFW Journal

1874 the soap maker’s journal was founded in Leipzig. From 1896 on it was continued in Augsburg by Verlag für chemische Industrie H. Ziolkowsky GmbH. These are the roots of today’s modern trade magazine SOFW Journal.

For over 143 years now the professional journal SOFW Journal tracks the development of the soap, detergent, perfume, personal care and cosmetic industry in chemistry and technology as well as the progression of associations and societies. With increased incorporation of research into the detergent- and cosmetic industry the SOFW Journal published more and more chemical-technical articles describing the application of science. Thus the SOFW Journal became an important source of information for the formulator. Today the SOFW Journal with its 3 different language versions is one of the most commonly read and well known trade publications of it’s branch world-wide.

In addition to the trade magazine the publishing company releases trade books and guides as well as reference books. Our specialised bookshop distributes technical literature from all over the world.