SOFW Journal Edition 4-2013


T. Muthny, M. Moravcova:
Skin Aging in the Context of Sun Damage and Immune
Response Alterations

J. Jiménez, D. Sánchez:
Andean Berry Oil:
Discovery of a New Anti-Age Active

S. Bänziger, B. Suter, B. Obermayer:
Inflammation Control –
First Aid Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin and against
Skin Aging

E.G. Su, X. Hongyu, W. Zhiqian, W. Yi:
Formulating »Sulfate-Free«, Mild Personal Cleansing
Products with Amino Acid-Based Surfactants

M. Münzberg, R. Hass, O. Reich:
In-line Characterization of Phase Inversion Temperature
Emulsification by Photon Density Wave Spectroscopy

Rimpie J. Panjwani:
India – Trends in Beauty & Personal Care


J. Tropsch, F. Bauer:
Foam in Practice -
Production, Control, and Destruction

CESIO 2013:
Smart Solutions for a Better World
Interview with Bjørn Lomborg




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