SOFW Journal Edition 07-2015


M. Albuszies, S. Müller
Sun Sprays – a Variety of Modern Concepts in Sun Care Formulation

H. Seidel, F. Waltz, N. Klein, N. Christiansen, J. Bezler, K. Wisotzki
Macro- and Nano-Zinc Oxides for Transparent Broad Spectrum UV Protection

D. Lutz, S. Miksa, B. Tiplamai
In Vitro/In Vivo SPF, a Substitution for Ethical Reasons
or a Real Evolution of the Pertinence of the Test?

U. Slotta, L. Rüther, R. Mehrwald, L. Römer
Breathable Shield Against Irritants – Effective Protection
for Stressed Skin with Functional Silk Polypeptides

F. Lefevre, H. Chajra, P. Salmassinia
Brightenyl® – Skin Complexion Bioptimizer


K. Henning
Security – Quality – Impact
6th Fresenius Cosmetics Conference, March 11-13, 2015, Mainz, Germany, Part I


F. Schambil

Cosmetics Around the World
Conference of SEPAWA Specialist Group »Applied Cosmetics« (FAK)





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