SOFW Journal Edition 06-2019

Personal Care

G. Dell’Acqua
Natural Ingredients for Skin Care Applications Sourced from Italian Agricultural Products

C. Vialleix, T. Michel, J.P.Cadoret, A. Sevestre, J. Mercier, J. Demangeon,
J.Y. Berthon, E.Filaire
Efficacy of an Antireactive Red Marine Algae Extract to Protect against the Exposome

H. Döring, M. Perez-Aso, B. Martinez-Teipel, J. Bosch, A. Roca
The Essence of White Flowers for Multifunctional Eye Care

F. Bueno de Camargo Junior, M.R. Rossan, A.C. Neves de Souza,
G.F. Duarte de Oliveira, C.R. Princival, R. Oblitas, M.C. Salvadori, W. Magalhães

An Alternative for the Use of Silicones as a Hair Heat Protector

Home Care

A. Wilsch-Irrgang
What is the Biodegradability of Fragrances in Laundry, Care and Cleaning Products?


C. Carrasco-Douroux, P. Bellon
How to Evaluate Emotional Benefit of a Warming Cosmetic Active?



Company News

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