SOFW Journal Edition 05-2018

Home Care

J. Franke, S. Fischer, M. De Moragas, O. Spangenberg, G. Merkle
Low-temperature Washing without Loss in Performance

J. Seetz, G. Bongen, K. Henning
Impact of the New Chelating Agents GLDA and MGDA in Detergents

Personal Care

C. Martinez Lerga
Cleansing Formulations and their Effect on Skin

B. Tyralla, A. Keck-Wilhelm, A. Burkhard, B. Fellenberg, O. Sponheimer, J. Rabenhorst
Substantiation of Antibacterial/antimicrobial Claims for Cosmetic Products


U. Eigener
Preservative Efficacy Test for Cosmetic Products – How to Reach a Valid Efficacy Statement


H. J. Scholz
Current Movements in the Regulatory Environment

12th Lecture Event of the SEPAWA Specialist Group “LUV“


Company News

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