SOFW Journal Edition 10-2018

Home Care

G. Marten
New 100% Bio-based Polymer for Effective Odor Neutralization for a Broad Spectrum against Common Malodors

Personal Care

J. Müller, R. Mehrwald, N. Blosl, S. Schlay, K. Schacht
The New Dimension of Microcapsules: Plastic-free Encapsulation Technology Using Functional Vegan Silk Polypeptides

K. Brandt, V. Dahl, A. Muss, S. Blaschek, Z. Drljaca, S. Volkmer, H.H. Wenk
Glycolipids – a New Era in Natural Cleansing

P. Salama, N. Eylon
Exploring Nature-like Elements for Antimicrobial Preservation Efficacy

B. Lindemann, S. Acker, S. Krus
High SPF Sunscreens that Feel Light on the Skin

Y. Brenner
A Natural Ingredient Meets Current Expectations of the German Skin Care Market

L. Bonnin, B. Müller, T. Gassenmeier, R.H.H. Neubert
Simple and Effective Particle-size Characterization of Opaque Emulsions

S. Hettwer, E. Besic Gyenge, B. Suter, S. Breitenbach, B. Obermayer
A Multifunctional Solution for Acne Prone Skin with a Single Natural Active Ingredient

A. Lan, B. Chen, L. Ye, K. Lee, N. Lu, D. Kang, J. Lademann, S. Schanzer, S.B. Lohan, M.C. Meinke
Innovative Sunscreen with Cooling Effect for Protection in the VIS and NIR Regions for Asian Skin Type



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