SOFW Journal Edition 06-2018

Personal Care

L. Pagis, H. Leroy, F. Jouffret
Natural Ingredients for Providing Opacity and Pearlescence in Shower Gels and Shampoos

N. Russ, M.P. Neubauer
Naturally Soothing After Shave Balsam

M. Neumeier, R.A. Brunke
Position Paper on the Definition of Organic and Natural Cosmetics

S. Gehrig, B. Huber, B. Fellenberg, D. Stumpf, B. Hirschmann, T. Münstedt, H. Raddatz
Orientation Paper – Organic and Natural Cosmetics

S. Tamburic, MC. Stevic, H. Sisson
Rheological and Texture Analysis Methods for the Assessment of Viscoelasticity

Home Care

Fresenius Conference
Powerful and Loveable: Future Detergents and Cleaning Products
Need to Fulfil Many Demands at Once


A. Seifert
Intellectual Property Rights in Cosmetics


Company News

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