Lessonia: Piece of Nature - Decorative Particles for Skincare


Saint Thonan, France - 12 April 2017
With spring, Lessonia brings 100% natural and elegant solutions to make blossom skincare products.

Based on a beautiful selection of flowers and leaves, this range of natural ingredients follows the trend of inclusions in cosmetics. Indeed, these last years, flowers have blossomed in many types of skincare products: massage oils, dry oils, shower gels, cleansers, lotions, creams, masks, shampoos…

Piece of Nature is the perfect range for brands which wish to emphasis the naturalness of their products in a visible way. The use of decorative particles enables the creation of playful cosmetic products thanks to the diversity of colours and shapes available.

Choosing the perfect decorative particles:
Lessonia’s experts advise you to choose the right decorative particle for your project. Regarding the type of desired formula, different constraints can be encountered when using decorative particles. Lessonia is able to give a specific support about formulation, stability and packing.

With the Piece of Nature range, Lessonia expands its offer of natural ingredients for cosmetics:
  • Piece of Nature: Give a visible touch to your products with flowers petals
  • Exfoliants: 400 references / 300 tons per year
  • Celluloscrub: PE beads alternatives
  • Glycobiology: Marine active ingredients
  • Micronized powders: colour and functional ranges
Contacts :

Charles-Henri Morice – Product Manager Ingredients

Christophe Winckler - CEO

Camille Mansuy – Marketing Assistant

LESSONIA in figures:
  • - French company
  • - Employees: 90
  • - Turnover 2017: 15 million USD
  • - Export: 74 countries
  • - Distributors: 52 countries

Croas ar Neizic
29800 Saint Thonan

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