Osmo’city®, a new active ingredient at the heart of the exposome


Reconsider the products’ approach, in particular around the anti-pollution concept : this is the challenge that ID bio wished to take up at In-Cosmetics Global. By capitalizing on a new active ingredient for urban skin in a wider and differentiating context, around the complete ‘actives’ offer, the company has surprised its partners with more than a simple ‘anti-pollution’ launch.

Limoges, France - April, 13th 2017
During the London edition of In-Cosmetics, ID bio suggested to think about a new term used in medecine and that enables brands to rethink their products vision in a global way: the exposome. This word refers to all of the exposures that we are facing from our intra-uterine life until our death. It consists of 3 related large subdomains:
  • the general external environment: pollution, UV, blue light, climatic factors, etc.
  • the specific external environment: radiations, lifestyle (tobacco/alcohol/diet), physical activity, etc.
  • the internal environment: metabolic factors, hormones, inflammation, oxidative stress, gut microflora, etc.
The exposome concept perfectly matches with the philosophy ID bio has engaged in the previous and current research projects. The company has therefore rethought the manner to present the active ingredients, beyond a precise claim, by offering solutions against the exposome effects to the formulators, and by extent the final users. The 2 anti-pollution active ingredients designed by ID bio are totally in step with this ‘exposome’ approach.

ID bio had already launched on the market, three years ago, one of the first biological anti-pollution active ingredients (Cell’intact®); this year, in a complementary way, the company capitalized on Osmo’city®, a new botanical active ingredient with a biomechanical action on the surface of the skin. Solicitous to keep pace with its previous innovations, ID bio targeted an organic raw material (French sourcing available) with a strong botanical identity and a pronounced ethnobotanical potential: the marshmallow. The ‘lucky’ plant has been precisely and carefully studied in order to detect and extract the molecules of interest: the vegetable polysaccharides, offering a tissue and cellular protective effect. This active ingredient has proved to be an efficient ‘glyco-cocoon’, tested ex vivo, that significantly reduces the adhesion of polluting particles and facilitates their removal.

ID bio now offers a complete approach around the exposome and its determining factors:
  • Osmo’city®, a solution against the damages related to the pollution
  • Cell’intact® that acts against the inflammation, the oxidative stress, the UV aggressions and the tobacco
  • Sens’flower® that soothes the skin by acting on the TRPV1 receptor, triggered in case of stress or temperature variation
A complete approach that will allow brands to rethink the positioning of their future developments, by means of natural and highly effective botanical solutions.

Press contact for more information:
Mrs. Alexia Forestier
Marketing and Communication Manager

ID bio

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