NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2017: Gelest, Inc. Launches D5 Alternative, SiBRID® TM-031


Morrisville, Pa. USA - May 1, 2017

At NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, set to take place May 2-3 in New York City, Gelest, Inc. is unveiling its new SiBRID® TM-031, a personal care silicone vehicle with solubility and volatility characteristics similar to cyclomethicone, D5.

The solubility and volatility allow formulators to meet their product performance goals while addressing regulatory constraints,” said Ed Kimble, Vice President of Product Management. In the European Union, ECHA is considering proposals to limit decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) in both rinse off and leave on personal care products to less than 0.1 weight percent, which could go into effect as soon as 2018.

SiBRID® TM-031 is an alternative without restriction in most types of formulation, particularly skin and sun care, gels and lotions,” said Kimble. As an example, Gelest is displaying at its booth a plum serum incorporating SIBRID® TM-031 at 2.0 % by weight.

Gelest research shows that SiBRID TM-031 evaporates at the same rate as cyclomethicone (D5).

For more information on SiBRID® TM-031 , for a list of highly recognized distributors or to explore solutions for your new product development initiatives, please contact: Gabrielle Lockwood, Customer Service Manager, at 215-547-1015 or glockwood@gelest.com.

About Gelest
Gelest, Inc., headquartered in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, is recognized worldwide as an innovator, manufacturer and supplier of commercial and research quantities of organosilicon compounds, metal-organic compounds and silicones. Gelest serves advanced technology markets through a materials science-driven approach. The company provides focused technical development and application support for semiconductors, medical materials, pharmaceutical synthesis, diagnostics and separation science, and specialty polymeric materials: “Gelest – Enabling Your Technology.” www.gelest.com

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