Laboratoires Expanscience Realise Their American Dream on the Cosmetic Active Ingredients Market


Paris, France - 12 July 2017

Expanscience, an independent French pharmaceutical and dermocosmetics laboratory, is stepping up its development in the United States which represents a significant growth driver for its Cosmetic Active Ingredients activity.
Almost 54% of Expanscience’s turnover today is international through its 16 subsidiaries and 90 distributing countries, of which 17 are concerned by its Cosmetic Active Ingredients activity.
The issues and challenges of the Cosmetic Active Ingredients activity market in the US, where Expanscience has over 50 customers including leading brands in the cosmetics industry, has decided the laboratory to take over direct control of the management of the US market which, at present, is handled by a distributor.
Noreza Papin, Area manager with responsibility in particular for the US market, will assume full responsibility for sales development in this region from July 2017 on.

The US market is based on naturalness, CSR commitment and solid scientific data, criteria which are met by Laboratoires Expanscience,” says Noreza Papin, Area manager.

For their first attendance at the Supplier's Day 2017 (New York City), Laboratoires Expanscience obtained the “Sustainability Award” rewarding the development of PASSIOLINE®, its cosmetic active ingredient designed with respect for people and the environment. This recognition rewards both the R&D expertise of Expanscience in plant extraction and the eco-design approach of its cosmetic active ingredients.

Our new installation in the US is part of the high growth strategy for our business. We are focusing on innovation, geographic development and, as always, our CSR commitment,” notes Armelle Le Peniec, Director of Cosmetic Active Ingredients. “With the launch of two new cosmetic active ingredients on average each year and a stronger presence on the key markets like the US, Expanscience is strengthening its position as referent responsible supplier of plant cosmetic active ingredients internationally," she notes.

Reporting to the Cosmetic Active Ingredients department, Noreza Papin will be based in New York in the head office of Expanscience Laboratories inc.

About Laboratoires Expanscience

Expanscience – a French independently-owned pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory – generated turnover of €274.7 million, 54.3% of which was through exports.
Its solid reputation as an innovator and as a specialist in skin and the treatment of osteoarthritis has been built around its leading brands – Piasclédine 300 and Mustela in particular.
Laboratoires Expanscience in figures:
• Date created: 1950
• 2016 turnover: €274.7 M
• 90 distributing countries
• 16 subsidiaries
• 1044 employees
• 71 million products manufactured in 2016
• Activities: Dermo-Cosmetics, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Cosmetic active ingredients
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