Botaneco Opens Sustainability Center of Excellence in Lambertville, New Jersey


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Lambertville, New Jersey - August 9, 2017

Botaneco has opened a new laboratory and office in New Jersey to help personal care product makers formulate highly functional products from sustainable ingredients. The facility primarily serves as a resource for formulators that require oleosomes and other components of oilseeds to create new product innovations and improve upon consumer-perceivable benefits in skin, sun and hair care applications.

As personal care product innovators move to advance the capabilities of personal care formulas, and at the same time improve the sustainability profile of products, they may now call on the formulation experts at Botaneco in the Garden State,” said James Szarko, President & CEO, Botaneco. “Our team at the New Jersey Sustainability Center of Excellence offers high-performing prototypes made possible by a single, multifunctional, sustainable technology, such as oleosomes.

A specialized organelle in the cells of seed plants, oleosomes function as natural delivery systems. Its inner structure includes a reservoir of triglycerides and vitamins, which is surrounded by a phospholipid bilayer and encapsulated by proteins. Botaneco obtains the ingredients from safflower oilseeds at its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, without any alterations, and without any use of a solvent, making it available for use in skin and hair care formulas as an efficient delivery system.

Through a sustainable process, we isolate natural, multifunctional ingredients from oilseeds that enhance the performance of your personal care products,” said Szarko.

The facility primarily serves as a resource for formulators that require high-performing sustainable ingredients to produce new personal care product innovations.

Botaneco is now establishing a technical service offering in the United States to show major producers of skin and hair care products how it is possible to make effective formulations with sustainable technology, a value proposition often seen at odds in formulation laboratories.

Establishing a presence in the New York metropolitan area brings Botaneco closer to major name brand companies who have stated that their future is rooted in sustainable, yet effective, personal care products. The New Jersey team adds to our formulation expertise present in our other locations, further strengthening our capability to produce prototype formulations that enhance the performance of personal care formulas naturally,” said Szarko.

Formulations of integrity
Vince Gruber, Botaneco’s Chief Innovation Officer, manages the development of innovations and oversees prototypes for customers, including homogenization, stability testing, in vitro studies and particle-size analysis. He also holds responsibility for a diverse team of scientists working in the Calgary labs, where the oleosomes (and oil seed proteins) are obtained through the company’s proprietary technologies.

Making sustainable oleosome technologies perform well in formulations is a key area of expertise at Botaneco,” said Gruber. “We have insights on how to incorporate oleosomes in formulas to support a range of formulation goals, including long-term delivery of ingredients. We know for example that oleosomes tend to be substantive to skin and hair. The next step is to further study oleosomes as a delivery system for a range of actives and show formulators how much more efficient and beneficial it can be to use this sustainable technology in skin and hair care versus other formulation approaches.

Botaneco is establishing a technical service offering in the United States to show major producers of skin and hair care products how it is possible to make highly functional formulations with oilseed components, such as oleosomes and proteins.

Step-change innovation
Botaneco, a supplier of unmodified safflower and canola oilseed components for many years, has turned its attention toward step-change innovations for the personal care industry. According to Szarko, the entire thesis of Botaneco is to develop solutions that enable the personal care industry to adopt sustainable technologies in virtually all premium personal care product formulations.

To meet that objective, Botaneco is at work in the laboratory, evaluating new uses and applications for its oleosomes and proteins. Its product line also may be expanded to accommodate the market need for sustainable multifunctional solutions in personal care.

Currently, Botaneco offers Hydresia® oleosomes, the only completely natural emulsifier available for use in the personal care market. Other product offerings include CapSol™ sunscreen oleosomes technology, a solution to significantly reduce the UV actives required to achieve SPF levels, targeted at anti-aging SPF daily wear; and Karmyn™ protein, a native safflower storage protein that functions as a colloid with skin and hair protection properties.

About Botaneco
Botaneco, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, adds performance and value to personal care products with highly functional components of oilseeds. Through a proprietary, gentle extraction process that alleviates the need for conventional crushing, heat, and chemicals, Botaneco sustainably harnesses the oleosomes and proteins of safflower and canola to provide products in their original, natural state. The company’s new Sustainability Center of Excellence in New Jersey (USA) serves as a resource to optimize sustainable technologies in personal care.

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