AMSilk Joins SEPAWA’s Cosmetic Applications and Technologies (CAT) Specialist Group


Planegg, Germany - August 9, 2017
AMSilk GmbH, the world's first industrial supplier of synthetic silk biopolymers, has been admitted as a new member of the Cosmetic Applications and Technologies (CAT) Specialist Group by SEPAWA e.V.

Currently, the specialist group has 11 members from the international chemical, cosmetics and detergent/cleanser industry including well-known companies e.g. BASF, Henkel, Covestro and Dr. Straetmans (a company of Evonik Group). The members of the CAT Specialist Group exchange the latest information on the cosmetics field as formulations, ingredients and applications.

Earning admittance to the SEPAWA CAT-Specialist Group is immensely valuable to AMSilk,” said AMSilk CEO Jens Klein. “It allows us to intensify and establish new and valuable contacts with industry leaders.

To be a part of SEPAWA CAT-Specialist Group for us is a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas regarding the latest topics, developments and innovations with experts from the cosmetics field”, adds AMSilk Manager of Medtech & Aesthetics Dr. Kristin Schacht.

AMSilk will be demonstrating its latest products on their own booth at this year’s annual SEPAWA congress from October 18 to 20.

For further information please contact:
AMSilk GmbH
Anja Mayer
Tel: +49 (0)89 57 95 393-0
E-mail: pr(at)

About SEPAWA e.V.
SEPAWA e.V. is an independent specialist association with personal and corporative members. SEPAWA e.V. understands itself as a communication platform for professionals from the industry, the university sector and authorities and encourages a close interdisciplinary exchange between theory and praxis. With some 1,500 members, SEPAWA is one of the largest specialist associations in Europe. Experts from the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and perfume industries are part of this association.

Besides the three Regional Groups (Scandinavia, Benelux and Switzerland/ Austria), there are three specialist groups and one integrated association: the Legislative – Environment – Consumer Group (LUV), the Professional Cleaning and Care Group (PRP), the Cosmetic Applications and Technologies (CAT) and finally the German Association of Perfumers in the SEPAWA (DGP).

About AMSilk
AMSilk GmbH is the world’s first industrial supplier of synthetic silk biopolymers and has its headquarters in Planegg near Munich, Germany. Sustainably produced using a patented biotechnological process, AMSilk high-performance biopolymers have the unique functional properties of the natural product they are based on. The organic high-performance material can be used in multiple ways, including in medical or technical products as well as cosmetic ingredients. AMSilk high-performance biopolymers give everyday products unique properties. Among other things, the polymers are biocompatible, breathable and especially robust.

AMSilk high-performance biopolymers are distributed in the form of Silkbeads (microparticles), Silkgel (hydrogel) or Biosteel® fibers. They are currently used in coatings for medical technology products, in the textile industry and as an ingredient in cosmetic products.

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