INOLEX Appoints New Chair of The Board


Philadelphia, PA USA - August 14, 2017

IINOLEX announced today that Ann S. Plimpton has been nominated Chair of the Board of Directors. In this role, she succeeds Conrad A. Plimpton, who has served for over 36 years as Chairman.

Ann Plimpton’s formal appointment and installation as Chair will take place on August 30, 2017.

The addition of Ann as Chair signals a continuation of strong organizational governance for the business, which maintains its position as a leading independent specialty ingredients company focused on safe, natural and innovative solutions for beauty and personal care. The INOLEX Board is comprised of five members, a combination of outside Directors and private family participation, representing expansive industry expertise.

Ann holds a B.A. in Biology from Wellesley College, holds an M.S. in Genetics from Northwestern University, and conducted her Ph.D. study in Immunology Virology Cellular Biology and Genetics, ABD from the University of Chicago. Her background as a microbiologist adds valuable technical perspective to the company as it continues to grow as an industry leader in alternative preservation solutions. As the new Chair, she also serves as a model for empowering women in the sciences, a passion shared by both Ann and her husband. "We strongly believe in encouraging women to pursue study toward careers in the Sciences, and I look forward to continuing to support that through my new role with INOLEX," says Ann.

The new Board leadership is one of many recent developments for the company. INOLEX divested its industrial lubricants division (Lexolube) in January 2017 to focus exclusively on its global capabilities as a specialty ingredients supplier in beauty and personal care. As part of its long-term growth strategy, INOLEX has since added several key commercial and technical members to its global team. The company has also made notable investments into two of its “Centers of Excellence” in Paris, France and in Guangzhou, China. These advancements represent the company’s full commitment to continuing to bring its portfolio of innovation products to beauty and personal care brands around the globe.

Fana Makonnen
Technical Marketing Manager
INOLEX, Incorporated

INOLEX, an independent, global cosmetic ingredient company with expertise in synthesis and formulation provides innovative materials for the world's leading cosmetic and consumer product companies. The list includes safe and natural technologies for preserving cosmetics, natural replacements for silicone and high-performance polymers for sun-care applications and other renewable green-chemistry ingredients. INOLEX uses sustainable technologies to focus on effective solutions.

About ieS LABO, INOLEX Provence
Founded in 1986, ieS LABO is a producer of natural ingredients that are used in cosmetics for their wellness benefits and consumer appeal. ieS LABO is organic certified by Ecocert France, as well as by the National Organic Program (USA), NATRUE (Germany), and COSMOS (Europe).

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