With URBALYS©, The New Anti Pollution Active from GREENTECH the Skin Can Breath Again



Starnberg, Germany - 18 August 2017

URBALYS©, is a powerful concentrate of lignans, which protect the skin against the biological attacks of urban pollution of all forms.

URBALYS© acts globally by modulating cellular defenses and detoxification pathways, a global mechanism to combat oxidative and inflammatory stress produced by urban pollution.

Allows the skin to breathe again
A small red berry is the new Star amongst the Superfruits. Shisandra Chinensis, cultivated in the chinese province of Liaoning is known for ist high content in lignans which demonstrate antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They are able to activate cellular defenses and to prevent biological damages induced by free radicals.

The new ANTI POLLUTION Active URBALYS© protects the skin against all forms of urban pollution, activates endogenous skin defenses and cellular detoxification systems, fights free radicals, prevents inflammation, strengthens cutaneous barrier and maintains the integrity oft he dermis.

URBALYS© allows the skin to breath again by recovering its integrity and balance. The skin seems smoother and younger, the complexion is more radiant and uniform, the skin texture is refined. Premature aging is slowed down.

•    Modulates cellular defenses           
•    Inhibits inflammatory response       
•    Limits deleterious detoxification

Find out more at: http://www.greentech.fr/en/urbalys-2/

Or contact us at office(at)greentechgmbh.de for a meeting during SEPAWA

A pioneer in plant biotechnology when created in 1992, GREENTECH develops and produces for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors, high-tech active ingredients originating from the deep mechanisms of plants, algae, micro-algae and micro-organisms drawn from across the world.

Containing over 100 active ingredients and 3 000 extracts, GREENTECH’s portfolio meets all expectations and needs of the skin, whatever the functionality or the age.

The GREENTECH group, with its 4 companies – GREENTECH, GREENSEA, BIOVITIS and Mapric – has 3 subsidiaries in Germany, USA, and Brazil and is present on all continents and more than 30 countries across the world thanks to a network of local distributors.

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