Beraca Receives IMO’s For Life Certification for Range of Mineral Clays


São Paulo, Brazil - August 30, 2017

Beraca’s range of cosmetic grade colored clays Beraclays has been audited and certified by internationally recognized certification body IMO (Institute for Marketecology) under the For Life Program.
The certification endorses Beraca’s commitment to environmentally sustainable practices, ethical sourcing, and responsible extraction and production methods. The For Life Program also recognizes the company’s contribution to local development, excellent working conditions and socially responsible certified production.
Beraca’s Amazonian White Clay, the only Beraclay sourced from the Amazon region, has also been certified according to the control procedures of the Fair For Life Program for fair trade and responsible supply chains. This certification asserts that the company’s business model is oriented towards fair practices based on a fair pricing policy and a respectful dialogue with its suppliers.
With the substantial increase in the demand for mineral clays in the cosmetic industry, the ability to offer clinically proven results – due to the unique mineral profile of the Beraclays – has become a strong competitive advantage. Beraca has used a third party clinical testing facility to conduct placebo-controlled studies and prove the benefits of its clays for hair cuticle repair, hair color protection, acne and sebum reduction, and skin elasticity and firming.
Beraca’s clays have also been tested for their antioxidant activity, rheological behavior, thermogravimetry (TG) and cation exchange capacity (CEC). Each product features detailed technical information and specifications, including safety data sheets and heavy metal analysis. This allows manufacturers to assess their suitability for use in different cosmetic products. All Beraclays are hypoallergenic, highly stable colors, containing no artificial dyes or pigments. They are currently marketed worldwide and available in stock in Brazil and the US.

About Beraca
Beraca is a leading provider of natural and organic-certified ingredients ethically sourced from the Amazon Rainforest and other Brazilian ecosystems. Beraca’s sustainable technologies and high-performance active ingredients add value to a wide number of brands operating in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and personal care industry worldwide.

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