Kolb and STOCKMEIER Chemie Tighten Their Partnership for The Distribution of Nonionic Surfactants in Germany.


Bielefeld/ Hedingen - September 1, 2017

Since October 2016, STOCKMEIER Chemie GmbH & Co. KG represents the surfactant portfolio of Kolb as its preferred partner in Germany. After 10 months of successful business development thepartnership is now made official by a contract signed by both parties.

The portfolio comprises products of the Kolb in Hedingen (CH) and Moerdijk (NL). This serves to further expand the existing collaboration between the two companies. “We’ve been working closely with the STOCKMEIER Group for a long time already, and we are confident that this strategic partnership will enhance our market presence and serve as a high-quality distribution channel,” says Dr. Anja Vonderhagen, Business Director of Kolb.

Uwe Puppel - Managing Director Stockmeier, Bernhard Höltken - Business Manager KLK Tensachem S.A., Dr. Anja Vonderhagen - Business Director Kolb, Andreas Horn - Head of Sales Specialty Chemicals Stockmeier, Peter Stockmeier - CEO + Owner Stockmeier, Dirk Seidel - Managing Director Stockmeier

For many years, brands such as Kotilen, Imbentin, Sympatens and Greenbentin have set standards in the cosmetics and cleaning segments and in several other industries. This makes the products a perfect fit in STOCKMEIER Chemie’s portfolio. Dirk Seidel, General Manager for Specialty Chemicals at STOCKMEIER Chemie, is optimistic about the collaboration: “Kolb has evolved into a key partner for the STOCKMEIER Group, especially with its focus on Europe. Oleochemical products that are certified as sustainable will define the future in many areas of application. That makes this cooperation an important building block for the future orientation of our sales activities.”

About the STOCKMEIER Group / STOCKMEIER Chemie
The STOCKMEIER Group is known throughout Europe as a reliable supplier of chemical products. By upholding this reputation, it has grown from a regional trading company to an international group with over 1,300 employees. Today the STOCKMEIER Group is made up of companies that provide distribution, manufacturing and various services related to chemicals – in 44 locations around the world. Despite its diversification and strong growth, STOCKMEIER remains committed to the values of a family business and rooted firmly in East Westphalia.

The distribution of chemicals has long been a key component of the business. Over the past years, STOCKMEIER Chemie has continuously expanded its transactions in the field of specialty chemicals. Its portfolio includes specialized products for personal care, industrial and home care, and CASE – with further segments added on a regular basis. www.stockmeier.com

About Kolb
Kolb is a leading European producer of surfactants, paper process chemicals and chemical intermediates, such as fatty alcohol ethoxylates, triglyceride ethoxylates, sorbitan esters and other chemistries that are used for wetting, emulsifying, low foaming, solubilising, viscosity modifying and viscosity stabilising. These chemicals are used to formulate products like detergents and shampoo. Kolb operates out of two production sites, in Switzerland and the Netherlands, and processes both natural and synthetic raw materials. It employs approximately 280 employees. Since 2007, Kolb has been a part of the dynamic KLK Group and has worked closely and successfully with KLK’s oleochemical division, KLK OLEO. www.kolb.ch

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