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Paris La Defense Cedex, France - September 18th, 2017
Cargill Beauty team is expanding fast; during the summer, we completed the Sales & Marketing team in charge of EMEA, based in Paris La Defense...

David Bothorel is appointed Distributor & Account Manager EMEA in the sales team, based in Paris La Défense.

David has a master in Chemistry completed by a Degree in Cosmetics. David joins us with more than 20 years experiences within the personal care industry and throughout his career led managing positions in Sales and Marketing with an extensive experience as Key Account Manager and Distribution manager within Symrise and BASF Beauty Care Solutions.

Cheryl Gava joined Cargill Beauty as Account Manager for EMEA, in the sales team, based in Paris La Défense.

Bringing her scientific background and 10 years’ experience within the personal care industry that she built through previous positions at Laserson, Gattefossé & Greentech, she will handle strategic accounts mainly in France.

Vincent Burgholzer is appointed Product Manager in the marketing team, based in Paris La Défense.

Vincent is a Chemical Engineer completed by a master degree in Purchasing. Before joining CARGILL, Vincent worked 7 years in L’Oréal Raw Materials Purchasing team. He was in charge of several portfolios: innovation for skin care, some natural polymers and part of petrochemical commodities.

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About Cargill Beauty:
With a heritage of more than 150 years in providing nature-derived solutions in Food & Nutrition, Cargill has a unique and fully-integrated position with resources access to support Personal Care brands. Building on this opportunity Cargill launches Cargill Beauty, its new innovative platform that will address ingredients challenges of cosmetic market by unleashing Nature Sustainably.

The interactive role between consumers and the planet are in constant evolution. Consumers want to make the world a better place by protecting biodiversity and communities. Educated and connected, they are shifting their lifestyle and purchase preferences expecting for a true engagement from their preferred brands. Millenials and premium buyers are looking for transparency and authenticity on one hand, and on the other hand expect new meaningful experiences with each product. As the focus on health and sustainability grow, consumers are increasingly on the lookout for products that are safer and friendly to them and to the environment.

Filling these new consumers’ expectations is a challenge for the Personal Care Industry. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals reveals brands willingness and engagement towards this new focus. But finding solutions to answer those goals is challenging. Performance, naturality, affordability, traceability, secured sourcing and compelling stories around functional ingredients: many aspects which are difficult to achieve.

At Cargill Beauty, our ambition is to become a key partner to help brands fulfilling these new consumers’ needs. Our approach is based on six pillars. We capitalize on Cargill’s outstanding, deep scientific expertise and know-how application. We valorize an exclusive access to sustainable, global & transparent supply chains. We offer unique capabilities valorizing by-products. We privilege the use of green chemistry & biotechnologies. Finally, we transpose our knowledge from products to sustainable, simple, versatile, safe & affordable systems. At each step, we build our proposal with unique market intelligence and big data management. These foundations will allow us to become the best partner for today’s and tomorrow’s sustainable challenges.

Today, we offer a diverse portfolio of nature-derived ingredient, with a responsible supply chain, fully integrating processes and endless possibilities for the future. Cargill Beauty portfolio is composed of texturizers, emollients, emulsifiers, sensory enhancers and actives that can be used to develop nature-based products in Skin, Hair, Color or Oral Care.

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