B.E.S.T. Strategy Protocol - A Sustainable Vision of Natural Synergies


Fréjus, France - 19 September 2017
“Green” trends play an important role in the APG Group’s efforts to build eco-awareness and stimulate growth towards a more sustainable lifestyle whilst « Blue » ingredients emerge as the dominant and future innovation in many industrial fields.

Throughout the APG Group, technologies which ensure consistent quality and purity combined with environmental compliance and minimal carbon footprint are constantly applied and developed to generate innovative solutions for the market and open a pathway to success which can benefit customers, the company and employees alike in compliance with industry, social, cultural and ethical criteria worldwide.

This approach is a platform which unifies and drives activities, growth and investments within the Group and is integrated in APG’s B.E.S.T. Strategy Protocol ensuring that the Company’s mission to focus on development of renewable, eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing products and technologies, aimed at offering innovation and best value for sustainable industrial, social and economic growth, is accomplished. As well as feeding all manufacturing processes within the Life Science Division, this philosophy inspires production and research projects throughout the Group and is implemented as Bio Ecological Sustainable Technology within the Chemicals and Advanced Biofuels division.

Some examples of this effort are: Natura-Tec’s focus on renewable vegetable and marine ingredients which can also contribute to environment protection and are obtained via sustainable technologies; Archimede Richerche’s waste and CO2 recycling process combined with a self-sufficient energy policy for the manufacture of renewable biomass; the Chemical Division’s commitment to vegetable derived raw materials and CO2 emission reduction strategies which measurably benefit customer’s carbon dioxide emissions balance driven by A&A F.lli Parodi’s main site in Campomorone, Italy; the Advanced Biofuels Division’s dedication to waste recycling for the energy sector and, last but not least, APG’s sourcing of coconut oil, physically fractionated intermediates and exotic oils from its own site in the Dominican Republic which bases its activities on sustainable indigenous crops, positive environmental impact, recycling of waste and support to the local economy.

A responsible chemical industry for the future of our planet
We deserve the B.E.S.T…
Following its recent acquisition of capital shares in MICROPHYT SA, a marine bio-technology company located in Montpellier, France, which will help develop further synergies as regards microalgae research and manufacturing technology thanks to its advanced projects in novel food and nutritional applications, the APG Group positions itself as a significant player for the sustainable growth of the chemical industry of the future thanks to its strategic investments in eco-friendly technologies, renewable raw materials and innovative research.

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The APG Group
Sustainable Chemistry
The APG Group of Companies is an Italian leader in production of esters, refined natural oils, cosmetic raw materials advanced biofuel and microalgae with an international manufacturing presence. The group of companies belonging to the founder, Augusto Parodi, has been structured in business divisions starting from 2015, creating the APG Group, with the aim of exploiting synergies within the acquired businesses in the oleochemical field and based on the original expertise developed over 70 years of activity of A&A Fratelli Parodi. Furthermore, for all product groups directly concerned, all manufacturing and sales activities are conducted within the Reach framework.

Currently APG is owning, controlling and/or participating in a group of 11 companies with total revenues of approximately 150 Million Euro with 200 employees globally. The holding company is located in Milan, Italy.

APG is organized in 3 main business divisions:
  • Chemical: manufacture and development of a wide range of natural-based oleo-chemical raw materials for industrial applications.
  • Advanced Biofuel: production of 3rd generation biodiesel, based on recovery and valorisation of recycled vegetable oils and derivatives.
  • Life Science Division – development and production of natural cosmetic, pharma, food and feed raw-materials from advanced vegetable and microalgae feedstocks.
The Art of Nature in Cosmetics
Natura-Tec is a registered brand representing the cosmetic division which is incorporated by the company Ceratec Sarl based in Frejus, on the French Riviera, a subsidiary of the APG Group. Natura-Tec distributes internationally all ingredients manufactured within the Group which are destined for the personal care industry. These include bespoke specialities produced at its site in Frejus which is also home to R&D and product application facilities designed to provide innovation and technical customer support to its customer base via a dedicated distribution network.

Natura-Tec’s competences include, among others, marketing, commercial and regulatory support. Its activities are conducted according to the ethical and industrial standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO14000, GMP, HACCP and FDA. Many of Natura-Tec’s products comply with the requirements of international certifying bodies such as COSMOS, Ecocert, Natrue and NPA. 

Natura-Tec is a natural solutions provider to the personal care industry offering a wide portfolio of vegetable and marine based ingredients. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of vegetable butters, waxes, functional emollients, natural emulsifiers and natural active ingredients, research and development activities are based on sustainable, renewable, ecofriendly and novel technologies in order to provide improved efficacy, natural origins and innovation to modern cosmetic products.

Natura-Tec is part of a working group, led by the B.D.T., APG’s Group Biotechnology Development Team, which oversees its close cooperation with Archimede Ricerche Srl, a major site on the Italian Riviera, part of the APG Group’s Life Science Division, dedicated to the farming and development of microalgae biomass and bio-lipid manufacture.

Ceratec Sarl - Incorporating Natura-Tec division
221, avenue Louis Lépine - Z.I. du Capitou - 83600 Fréjus - France
Tel. +33 (0) 498 113 800
Fax. +33 (0) 972 324 004
www.natura- tec.com

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