Gattefossé to present “Generation Beauty” Concept at In-Cosmetics North America


Gattefossé will exhibit at In-Cosmetics North America

Paramus, NJ, USA - October 2, 2017
Gattefossé will exhibit at the In-Cosmetics North America show taking place in New York City on October 11-12, 2017.

Generation Beauty
As we age, our skin changes and adapts. The skin care products that work at age 20 are not those we want to use at 40 or 50. Yet, until recently, “anti-aging” was a catch-all term for women of every age looking to fight wrinkles or reveal their best skin.

Today, attitudes towards aging and anti-aging skin care are changing. One-size-fits-all beauty is no longer enough for today’s consumer. More than “anti-aging”, she wants to look good at the age she’s at. Qualitative research conducted by Gattefossé suggests that today’s consumer wants her skin to be the healthiest and most radiant it can be, and she wants her expressions and energy to be reflected to those around her.

Seeking a personalized fit, today’s beauty consumer wants products tailored to her age, beliefs, and skin needs.

The Gattefossé team will welcome visitors on booth E37, where they can discover the specific skin care needs of women in every generation - from millennials to baby boomers. Visitors will discover innovative active ingredients and new formulations targeting women of 4 age groups.
  • For women in their 20s, concerned with pore size, selfies, and the effects of long nights, Gatuline® Radiance brings a perfectly radiance complexion.
  • For women in their 30s, facing first signs of aging, dryness, and rougher skin texture, Gatuline® Renew delivers moisturization, skin renewal, and a return to a smoother, younger skin texture.
  • For women in their 40s, always on the go and starting to notice visible wrinkles when they look in the mirror, Gatuline® Expression AF fights expression lines and restores the lip contour.
  • For women in their 50s and up, concerned with deeper wrinkles and the effect they can have on others’ perceptions, our newest active, Gatuline® Link n Lift redefines the eye contour to restore true expressions to the face.
Gatuline® Link n Lift and Gatuline® Expression AF are the newest active ingredient launches from Gattefossé.

Gattefossé is also participating in the “Focus on Marketing Tour”, a new program at this year’s In-Cosmetics North America designed to help marketers, product development and brand specialists create more impactful marketing stories.

Gattefossé will delve into the Generation Beauty concept with tour participants, and showcase exclusive formulation concepts for these guests.

About Gattefossé
Gattefossé is a French privately owned company, headquartered in Saint-Priest (Lyon, France) and present in over 60 countries worldwide. Founded in 1880, the company specializes in the creation, development, manufacture and marketing of specialty ingredients and innovative formulation solutions for the global Health and Beauty industries.

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