Depolluphane Two Lines of Defense Against Urban Pollution


Two lines of defense against urban pollution

Buchs, Switzerland - November 2017
Depolluphane is a novel and powerful protection for the skin against urban pollution. It not only protects against environmental aggressors but also strengthens the skin to easily face the daily stress of urban life style. This well-thought-out defense system is based on organic cress sprout extract and a smart polysaccharide complex. The cress sprouts contain sulforaphane which is a molecule that successfully promotes cellular detoxification and the production of antioxidant enzymes by activating the transcription factor Nrf2. The smart polysaccharide complex not only shields the skin from environmental pollution but also strengthens the skin barrier to ensure a more resilient skin.

Therefore, Depolluphane provides the skin with two lines of defense against pollution:

1. keeps particulate matter from penetrating the skin and
2. strengthens the cell’s own defense system against toxins.

In vitro studies have demonstrated that Depolluphane induces the production of detoxification enzymes and protects cells from oxidative stress and protein carbonylation caused by pollution (PM). A placebo-controlled clinical study demonstrated that Depolluphane reduces the adhesion of microparticles to the skin and facilitates their removal.

• Protects against urban pollution
• Activates the detoxification system
• Shields skin against particulate matter
• Fortifies skin’s own defense mechanism

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