Densorphin™ For a Dense, Sexy and Happy Skin


For a dense, sexy and happy skin

Buchs, Switzerland - November 2017
β-endorphin and the sex hormone estrogen and testosterone play important roles in the skin tissue regeneration and cell proliferation. However, the synthesis of both molecules starts to decline in our 30s. The fact that they are also synthesized locally in the skin makes them a new and promising target in cosmetics.

Densorphin™ - a novel active ingredient to combat hormonal induced skin aging. This new active ingredient is based on an extract of monk’s pepper berries (Vitex agnus-castus) which was found to stimulate the synthesis of DHEA and to possess a beta-endorphin-like activity. DHEA is the precursor for both sex hormones, the female estrogen and the male testosterone. In placebo-controlled clinical trials with women and men over 50, a cream with Densorphin™ showed a clear improvement of skin elasticity after just 14 days. Analysis of deeper skin layers with ultrasonography showed a significant increase in skin density.

• Increases the skin density after just one month
• Visibly fades away wrinkles
• Restores skin’s elasticity
• Builds cushion into time-thinned skin

Densorphin™ is a preservative-free novel skin re-densifying active for women and men.

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