Relaunch of KOSMET Cosmetic Science Paper Database


New York, USA - 20 November 2017
The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) is pleased to announce the relaunch of its KOSMET database, the only global database populated exclusively with cosmetic science abstracts, with free access until 1 November 2018.
The newly-installed President of the IFSCC, Dr Peter Kang, said from Seoul, South Korea: "The new KOSMET interface we're launching today will make the KOSMET cosmetic science database much easier to use. Many scientists told us the old KOSMET interface wasn't user-friendly, and we listened. We invite all cosmetic scientists to try the new KOSMET today at"
Thanks to financial support from corporate sponsors Greentech and Pechoin the IFSCC is able to make KOSMET free until 1 November 2018 to all individual members of IFSCC Member Societies – over 16,000 cosmetic scientists worldwide. All 83,000+ abstracts can be searched by anyone; to download an abstract for free the user must register with KOSMET and indicate the cosmetic science society they belong to.
"The relaunch of KOSMET is one example of how the IFSCC is trying to bring more science to more scientists around the world" said Dr Frédéric Leroy, Paris-based Chair of the IFSCC Science Committee. "In the coming months we will be adding papers and posters presented at IFSCC Congresses and Conferences, so KOSMET will become an even more valuable resource over time."

About the IFSCC
Founded in 1959 by 7 societies of cosmetic science, the IFSCC has grown to 48 Member Societies in 74 Countries representing more than 16,000 individual scientists. Its mission is to support the global community of cosmetic scientists through the dissemination of scientific findings, educational offerings and an annual scientific Congress or Conference at which IFSCC awards and prizes are presented.

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