Lessonia new face mask


Saint Thonan, France - December 2017
In contact with air and skin, the texture of the O2 Bubble Mask turns into foam for a soft care, as if you were on a small cloud!

Fluor contained in the mask acts as a vector of oxygen which enhances the deep skin’s oxygenation for an immediate effect. The skin is more resistant to stress and pollution.

Soft Peeling
The O2 Bubble Mask detoxifies the skin and offers a soft peeling which contributes to the cell renewal thanks to the fruit acids (AHAs) it contains. The mask is also enriched in Aloe Vera and in Neroli water for hydration and optimal relaxing effect.

The microcirculation is activated, the skin is revitalized and boosted (cells, collagen, elastin, Hyaluronic acid, cutaneous softness). The complexion is bright.

The complete masks’ offer from LESSONIA
The strong development of its activity has led the company to increase its production capacity. For this purpose, a few days ago the construction of a 8000m² new building (split on 2 levels) has debuted. This new factory will be entirely dedicated to the packing of skincare products and soaked sheet masks. New equipments will also be acquired to support the expansion.

Today, Lessonia is the only European company with the expertise to:
  • • Conceive the products
  • • Manage the regulatory file
  • • Manufacture the serums and lotions
  • • Custom the packaging
  • • Locally pack the masks
Customizable offer:
  • Lessonia offers a large range of materials to answer to the different needs of the market: Lyocell, non-woven cotton, Black Oak Detox (black sheet masks), bio cellulose…
  • Lessonia also offers a range of 10 serums: anti-ageing, hydrating, brightening, antipollution, peeling…
  • Packaging: sachets, blisters, boxes, displays, European, hole.
Industrial capacity:
  • • 2 automatic packing lines
  • • Production capacity: 10 000 000 masks/year.

Contacts :

Sébastien Guillotin – Sales Director

Christophe Winckler - CEO

Camille Mansuy – Marketing Assistant

Croas ar Neizic
29800 Saint Thonan

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