Lessonia: New Algae Paste for Spas Treatments


Saint Thonan, France - January 2018
Algae are known for their capability to absorb the minerals, benefiting to the skin during algotherapy treatments (minerals are able to cross the cutaneous barrier). However, the
marine algae do not make the distinction between the accumulation of good minerals and the accumulation of heavy metals.

Treatments based on algae, as body wraps in thalassotherapy and spas, potentially expose the customers which benefit of these cares to a too high dose of heavy metals.
Securised algae paste

The ALGSECURED algae paste with a patented process has been specially developed by Lessonia to answer to this issue. Guaranteed with a low and managed rate of heavy metals (in particular of arsenic) and compliant with the current regulation (France, Europe, Korea, China, Indil…), it also enables to decrease the risks of iodine reactions.

Thanks to ALGSECURED, also formulated to bring all the essential minerals to the skin, the customers to take full advantage of their treatment without any risks and to enjoy an optimal remineralization.

Contacts :

Sébastien Guillotin – Sales Director

Christophe Winckler - CEO

Camille Mansuy – Marketing Assistant

Croas ar Neizic
29800 Saint Thonan

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