Gattefossé launches INSPIRATION tool


Lyon, France - January 25, 2018
In the aim of stepping away from mainstream trends presentations, INSPIRATION is a new Gattefossé tool intending to be ahead of market trends and give a new breath to personal care products manufacturers.

Providing pleasure, surprise and motivation, this tool has the objective to awaken creativity and innovation.

INSPIRATION is a set of topics allowing formulators to reinvent their products with new ideas, showing new usages of Gattefossé ingredients. These topics have different degrees of originality to answer different needs and expectations in creativity.

Each topic is illustrated by formulations developed by Gattefossé cosmetic application laboratories and comes with a booklet and a presentation.

The booklet and presentation are used to illustrate the topics in an innovative way with examples coming from the beauty world but also from other fields such as food, fashion or culture. The goal is to make our customers dive into each universe.

INSPIRATION will become an annual rendezvous, launched every January at Cosmetagora. This French show was created for formulators but also for marketers, two major targets of this new tool.

Every year, the new edition will offer brand new topics, illustrations and formulations, allowing the discovery of new textures and ideas!

Themes and formulations for 2018
In 2018, INSPIRATION presents three topics: MOVE IT, BE FRESH and THINK TWICE. MOVE IT enhances the workout experience for consumers which are interested in getting and staying healthy and fit; BE FRESH is inspired by the cold and reinvents freshness through innovative textures; and THINK TWICE talks about illusions and trompe-l'oeil through cosmetic products which are not what you would expect.

8 innovative formulations have been created to surprise our customers. Amongst them are available the "Coco Sweat", a sweatproof powder which needs to be diluted in water; the "Ice, Ice, Baby", a day cream cold as an ice cube; or the "Liquid Balm" with a name that speaks for itself.

About Gattefossé
Gattefossé develops, manufactures and sells specialty ingredients for the personal care and pharmaceutical industries and offers a strong expertise in formulation for both of these activities.

Gattefossé markets its products in more than 60 countries through 12 affiliated companies and a network of agents and distributors who provide technical and marketing support.

Innovation, ethics, quality and long-term stability are the company key-drivers since the beginning.

Gattefossé was founded in Lyon, France in 1880 by Mr. Louis Gattefossé to whom building strong relationship with customers was a priority. The company remains a family-run, independent business, and now employs more than 280 people worldwide.

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