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Dreux, France - 30 January 2018
The Innovation Company® has been working on anti-age cosmetics since the early 1990s. With our latest testing equipment, we are able to visualize the skin.

Live in vivo microscopy and confocal laser images of the skin, permits pertinent observation on the effects of cosmetic formulas, applied to the skin.

Microcirculation is essential to bring building materials to new skin cells. Quantified microcirculation numbers of red blood cells, allow to measure skin potential build up levels, by externally applied cosmetic formulations.

We have developed 35 Forever® concept based on boosting the skin’s microcirculation.
We look at it as skin exercising and strengthening. Daily routine of cosmetic applications is needed to keep your skin at 35 Forever®:

Quickly detoxifying and oxygenating Bubbling Mask.

Anti-Age Factor (AAF) protection foundations, photo-stable to daylight and UVA radiation.

Soft and powerful cleanser and tonic, Double Micelle lotion, with antipollution effect.

Water Free Emulsion (WFE), rich and completely water free anti wrinkle formulation with amazing skin feel.

Complete the routine with Nordic Beauty Peat for hydration and antioxidant rich Nordic Beauty Berry masks when needed.
35 Forever®  - skin care for now and for all time presented by the leading innovative company, The Innovation Company®.

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