AlphaImprove 4D Hair - Greenn Active - a Natural and Sustainable Alternative with Proven Efficacy for Capillary Reconstruction and Treatment - a World Trend


Booth J41, in-cosmetics Global, Amsterdam, April 17-19, 2018

Torrinha, Brazil - February, 2018

The concern about personal care is a reality which has increased considerably between men and women. The most interesting is the high demand for product labels with ethic, natural and sustainable claims, excluding synthetic and chemical ingredients.

Natural Claim
With an eye on market needs and the quest for what is natural, the Citroleo Group has development the AlphaImprove 4D Hair, presenting an innovation in the approach, covering 4 dimensions of acting in only one product.

The AlphaImprove 4D Hair is rich in the fat chain C:22 (behenic acid) and lauric acid and has its action leveraged by the natural (-)-α-Bisabolol from candeia tree. The active is a natural alternative for use, instead of silicones, surfactants, and synthetic cationic agents, acting on deep repair of the hair, penetrating in the gaps and cavities of the damage wires, sealing the cuticle and replacing the cortical mass.

Strength and Vitality for the Hair
The AlphaImprove 4D Hair has proved be effective in deep repair, increasing the substantivity and providing 11% more in the strength and resistance of the hair. The active can act in thermal realignment of wires besides the protection against damages caused by chemical processes and external aggressors, such as sun and pollution.

Hydration and Intense Brightness
Also effective on increase brightness and intense hydration up to 19%, the active improved wire stripping and combability of 29% in dry hair and 20% in wet hair.

Frizz and Volume Reduction
With anti-frizz and anti-volume effectiveness, the AlphaImprove 4D Hair has reduced 35% the hair volume, promoting naturalness and lightness to the hair wires.

Sustainable Supply
Pride to be a genuine Brazilian Company, the Citroleo Group operates in the manufacture of high quality raw material to personal care, pharmaceutical and home care departments.

Currently the Company offers 4 product lines to the national and international markets: CitroGreen, CitroForest, CitroNature and CitroEssential.

With a careful look at the future, the Citroleo Group has partnerships with renowned Universities to develop new and sustainable solutions for international trends and market current needs, based only in natural products, ensuring well-being of the planet and the future of the new generation.


CITRÓLEO is a 100% Brazilian company. Present in the market for more than 33 years. Supplying its products for more than 35 countries around the world, its brand is established and internationally recognized for its quality standards and commitment with sustainability.
Our Essence
Nature is a precious active of our company's, once the raw material for products development depends directly on its conditions, so the ecosystem balance and biodiversity are fundamental to the present's and the future's business. This makes Citróleo a green company with aggressive sustainability policies and focus on natural products.

Knowing that people are the center of attention of the company, all the actions taken are aimed at the well being of this public, including its contributors who count on policies of the communities development that work in its subsidiaries.

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