Eau de Finlande Printemps® - Nordic Beauty Birch Sap Brings Spring to The Skin


Dreux, France - February 2018
Nordic Beauty Birch Sap (Betula Alba Juice) is a truly powerful bio-based ionic liquid with deep eutectic functions.

Every year our Nordic Beauty Birch Sap (Betula Alba Juice) contains typically Fructose, Sucrose, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc Iron, Phosphorous and several acids as Malic, Succinic, Phosphoric and Citric types.

We are getting ready again for the Birch Sap water (Betula Alba Juice) harvest of 2018.

Organic water is very active compared to distilled and demineralised cosmetic waters. These traditionally used waters are inactive on skin.

Nordic Beauty Birch Sap brings Organic and Natural ISO 16128 to cosmetic formulas, as over 52% of the formula’s weight.

Halal, Vegan or Cosmos Charters need vegetal functional materials for such powerful diffusing performance.

Every essential skin actives which are present are therefore enhanced. The formula performance is therefore improved by Nordic Beauty Birch Sap.

Our own In Vivo laboratory team extensively tested our Nordic Beauty Birch Sap.

Here are some results:

SEM testing showed the difference between hair treated with distilled water verse with Nordic Beauty Birch Sap are conclusive.

We measured a clear increase of the volume of the hair shaft.  The increase of the hair shaft diameter is explained by the negative increase of zeta potential (ZP) hair diffusive values over inactive water.

Skin testing method with hydration conductance using Cortex, from day 1 to day 7 showed a real improvement on skin, again versus distilled or demineralised water.

Two versions of the formula were tested with 10% and 20% of Nordic Beauty Birch Sap versus the usual cosmetic inactive water.

The 10% version showed an 11% increase in hydration and the 20% showed a 38% increase after only 7 days.

With many acids present and with zeta potential skin diffusion values being diffusive in the skin, we conducted an elasticity Cortex test of 1 to 7 days.

Again we saw excellent improvements in the results of our measurements.

In only 7 days compared with usual cosmetic inactive water (distilled or demineralised) values with the 10% Nordic Beauty Birch Sap increased by 38% and with 20 % by 44% elasticity modulus.

Nordic Beauty Birch Sap is ideal for hair, mascaras, and of course for all skin cares serums, creams, and lotions as well. Nordic Beauty Birch Sap offers significant beneficial results over inactive traditional water, as currently used in over 99% of the market products.

We call it simply: Eau de Finlande Printemps®.

Most of our advanced skin care formulas enjoy the use of our magically textured Nordic Beauty Birch Sap. They provide high Delta D (depth of wrinkles) and high Delta W (width of wrinkles), with results showing over 80% wrinkle reduction in only 28 days.

Again, it is ideally suited for charters such as Halal, Vegan or Cosmos briefs.

Ask for our portfolio of In Vivo tested formulas using our Nordic Beauty Birch Sap.
Eau de Finlande Printemps®
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