Official Closing of Kolb’s Acquisition of Elementis Specialties in Delden(NL).


Switzerland - 5 March 2018
On 28 February 2018, Kolb Distribution AG, wholly owned subsidiary of Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK), acquired Elementis Specialties Netherlands (ESN), located in Delden, the Netherlands. As of this day, Elementis Specialties Netherlands is wholly owned by Kolb and renamed to KLK Kolb Specialties B.V.. The intention to acquire this site from Elementis plc was announced in December 2017. Employee consultation processes, receipt of regulatory clearances and other customary closing conditions, are executed successfully.

KLK Kolb closing Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian CEO KLK  and Paul Waterman CEO Elementis

KLK Kolb Specialties B.V. manufactures surfactants and further specialties and will expand the existing Kolb business portfolio in terms of product range and market coverage. The use of the Delden site as another hub for KLK's market penetration strategy will further accelerate growth inthe group's downstream chemical specialties b usiness in Europe. Both Kolb and KLK Kolb Specialties are looking forward to the cooperation with each other, striving for positive synergies for the KLK Group’s Oleochemical operation in Europe.

About Kolb
Kolb is a leading European producer of surfactants, paper process chemicals and chemical intermediates, such as fatty alcohol ethoxylates, triglyceride ethoxylates, sorbitan esters and other chemistries that are used for wetting, emulsifying, low foaming, solubilising, viscosity modifying and viscosity stabilising. These chemicals are used to formulate products like detergents and shampoo. Kolb operates out of two production sites, in Switzerland and the Netherlands, and processes both natural and synthetic raw materials. It employs approximately 280 employees. Since 2007, Kolb has been a part of the dynamic KLK Group and has worked closely and successfully with KLK’s oleochemical division, KLK OLEO.

About KLK Kolb Specialties
KLK Kolb Specialties offers a broad chemical specialties and custom manufacturing capabilities. By using a variety of technologies like alkoxylation, phosphation, sulphation, sulphonation, esterification, amidation, polymerization and quarternisation, they produce specialty surfactants like nonionics, anionics, amphoterics and cationics.

At the production site in Delden, continuous and multi-purpose batch reactors are run, specialised in multi-step reactions on-site.

By product development, often in close cooperation with customers, in their own R&D centre they are successfully serving a wide variety of markets like Home Care and I&I cleaning, textile, pulp & paper, metal working, animal feed, agriculture, construction, plastics, polymers and coatings. The site has over 90 years’ of experience and employs around 210 people. As of 28.2.2018 the site is part of Kolb, member of the KLK group.

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