INOLEX’s LexFeel® WOW and LexFeel® WOW DT Offer 100% Plant-Based Silicone Alternatives with Exceptional Sensory Experience


Philadelphia, PA USA - March 12, 2018
INOLEX has unveiled its next generation of alternatives for cyclomethicone fluids today in response to growing market demand for silicone-free ingredient options. LexFeel® WOW and LexFeel® WOW DT are 100% plant-based  sensory enhancing silicone alternatives with a uniquely luxurious and light after-feel.

Partially volatile and non-flammable, LexFeel WOW and LexFeel WOW DT are derived from 100% renewable and sustainable building blocks, such as coconut, castor bean and sugarcane. LexFeel WOW and LexFeel WOW DT are palm-free, pending ECOCERT and NSF certifications, and globally approved for use in cosmetic and personal care applications.

Over the past decade, INOLEX has developed a broad portfolio of silicone replacements including alternatives to cyclomethicones, dimethicones, trimethicones and amodimethicones. Developed using the Green Chemistry Principles, without the use of solvents or petrochemicals, LexFeel WOW and LexFeel WOW DT deliver the functionality and sensory benefits of silicones without the associated health and environmental concerns.

“For the past decade, INOLEX has been ahead of the curve in providing brands and ultimately consumers with natural solutions in several major categories, including alternative preservation and silicone alternatives. These latest ingredients build on our expertise in natural silicone alternatives and introduce a next generation of innovation that is 100% plant-based with remarkable performance and sensory characteristics,” said Rocco Burgo, Chief Scientist a INOLEX.

LexFeel WOW is a partially volatile, light and fast spreading emollient that absorbs quickly to provide a slight cushion with an exceptional, soft after-feel suitable for a broad range of beauty care applications. LexFeel WOW DT delivers the same functionality in an ultra-light fluid with a cascading silky-to-powdery after-feel. LexFeel WOW DT has the added functionality of an anti-whitening agent.

Fana Makonnen
Technical Marketing Manager
INOLEX, Incorporated

INOLEX, an independent, global cosmetic ingredient company with expertise in synthesis and formulation provides innovative materials for the world's leading cosmetic and consumer product companies. The list includes safe and natural technologies for preserving cosmetics, natural replacements for silicone and high-performance polymers for sun-care applications and other renewable green-chemistry ingredients. INOLEX uses sustainable technologies to focus on effective solutions.

About ieS LABO, INOLEX Provence
Founded in 1986, ieS LABO is a producer of natural ingredients that are used in cosmetics for their wellness benefits and consumer appeal. ieS LABO is organic certified by Ecocert France, as well as by the National Organic Program (USA), NATRUE (Germany), and COSMOS (Europe).

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