Managing Director Jörg Hörig Takes Over Enorica GmbH


Hamburg, Germany - 15 March 2018
After joining Enorica GmbH as managing director in October 2016, Jörg Hörig is now taking the next step by assuming 100% of the company’s shares from Georg Nordmann Holding AG. As of 14th March and together with his long-standing team of staff, he will begin running the company in a fully independent capacity. With the intention of expanding Enorica’s core business from the B2B field to the B2C sector as well, Hörig will be positioning the company very well for the future.

The internationally operating Georg Nordmann Holding AG is releasing Enorica to pursue these future activities independently, as the company’s plans to include the end-user market does not align with the Holding’s own clear strategic focus. The Georg Nordmann Holding AG will continue to concentrate fully on its own growth strategy which solely targets the B2B sector.

Jörg Hörig is optimistic about the future: “I very much look forward to the challenge of entrepreneurial independence and, in particular, to the opportunity to further expand the range of services we offer here at Enorica. We now see prospects that we would like to pursue that will allow us to support end users as well as the small and medium-sized businesses that take an interest in the services we offer. At the same time, we will continue to maintain the close and trusting customer rela-tionships we already have and work to maximize them with additional services. In a personal sense, I view the takeover as a step in the right direction because it will allow me to make even better use of the broad-ranging experience I gained in chemical distribution at Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH.”

The companies of Georg Nordmann Holding AG will in turn continue to concentrate on their respective core businesses. The executive board sees its primary task as the positioning of all its business segments to fulfil the future requirements of international mar-kets and within the framework of Georg Nordmann Holding AG’s own strategic objec-tives.

The excellent business relationship between Enorica and the holding company will con-tinue. Irina Zschaler, CEO of the Georg Nordmann Holding AG, remarks: “We expressly welcome the entrepreneurial responsi-bility that Jörg Hörig has shown through acquiring Enorica, and we will support him and his newly expanded focus in every way we can. The suppli-ers and customers we share within the distribution business will continue to benefit from our numerous connections in the future as well.

Georg Nordmann Holding AG

The strong, family-owned and Hamburg-based company group has worked successfully with Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH and its subsidiaries in international distribution as well as with Enorica GmbH in providing certain specialized services. Together with ROWA GROUP Holding GmbH and its subsidiary companies, Georg Nordmann Holding AG offers comprehensive and customized product and service solutions for plas-tics processing companies around the world.

Enorica GmbH
ENORICA GmbH is based near Hamburg in the city of Norderstedt and supports both medium-sized enter-prises and large corporations by providing tailor-made solutions for filling, warehousing and logistics for chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical raw materials as well as food additives. As a service provider, it handles small/minimum-quantity deliveries and offers contract filling and sample shipment services.

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