SCS & L’Oréal Connect Teachers with Cosmetic Science for British Science Week


Luton, UK - 21 March 2018
On 15 March 2018, during British Science Week, the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS) in association with L’Oréal introduced Key Stage 3 and 4 teachers to the science of cosmetics at a specially organised series of Teach The Teachers events at five cosmetic locations around the UK. The SCS events also introduced teachers to the Scrub Up On Science (SUOS) activities available for KS3 and 4 students.
We are very grateful to the teachers that each gave up half a day of their teaching time to join us and we had a very enjoyable and interactive time,” said Jackie Searle, SCS President. “Our hope is that each teacher left the event inspired enough to use our SUOS programme and that through this we will reach thousands of schoolchildren and give them the idea that a future in science could be exciting”. 
Cosmetic locations taking part were L’Oréal (London), Boots (Nottingham), Acheson & Acheson (Wiltshire), Soapworks (Glasgow) and BASF (Bradford).

The teachers were very engaged, especially in the practical part and for the scientific talk given by Steven Shiel, Director of Scientific, Regulatory, Corporate and Public Affairs at LOréal UK.

Jackie Searle, President, SCS (presenting at the L'Oréal event)

A fantastic initiative by UK SCS to inspire the next generation of cosmetic chemists. It’s more than just chemistry. The teachers were really pleased that we'd highlighted the cosmetic industry as a career path for students. They'd not really thought about 'us' as a career choice. They seemed very engaged and enthusiastic about the programme.

Stephen Kirk, Director, SK-CRS Ltd (presenting at the Boots event)

I never get tired of seeing how inspired the teachers are when we start explaining the SUOS package and the science that our industry is based on. We had a group of female teachers, all fully engaged with our products but none of them had made the link before. They seized the opportunity to inspire their KS3 & KS4 pupils, particularly girls, and I’m certain we’ll get some further entries to this years SUOS competition out of it.

Robin Parker, Technical Director, Acheson & Acheson

Great fun spreading the word about the exciting world of cosmetic science.

One teacher commented that cosmetic science was a great way to engage female students in particular who are already users of cosmetics but don't see the relevance of science to them. They were also interested to hear that it was possible to pursue a career in cosmetic science in the local area. Teachers also had a short introduction to the BASF kids lab which also offers STEM activities to support schools in the local area.

Andrea Tomlinson, Marketing Manager Personal Care Europe, BASF

Scrub Up On Science (SUOS) is the SCS response to many discussions in both Government and academia about the need to link businesses and schools to engage students with STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) that can broaden their career options in the modern workplace. It provides chemistry resources for teachers and children aged 11-16, including practical experiments. SUOS links something people know (cosmetics/personal care) to science and shows that science can be fun. Some schools use the SUOS resources in class and others use them as part of STEM clubs and chemistry clubs.

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