Chemical Company Make Moves On Europe


Keighley, UK - 26 March 2018
Specialist chemical manufacturer, Airedale Chemical, is employing an ambitious strategy to explore sales potential in European markets with an initial focus on Germany and France.  
The West Yorkshire company has spent the last three years improving its facilities and honing its key product list.
It will implement its new European-focussed strategy with the help of European-based chemical specialists to introduce Airedale Chemical to key industry leaders within strategically targeted countries.

Daniel Marr, head of marketing at Airedale Chemical, explains: “We have been consolidating our position as one of the UK’s leading speciality chemical companies over the last decade and we’re now perfectly placed to conquer Europe with our history, expertise and strong values. It is an incredibly exciting time."

We’re genuinely excited about this new era for the company and feeling confident about what 2018 holds for us with our European neighbours.

One of the company’s primary objectives will be to grow Airedale Chemical’s BPR (Biocidal Products Registration) approved peracetic acid, often used as a disinfectant in the food and beverage, agricultural and industrial cleaning sectors, to European countries including Germany, France and Slovenia. It is the biggest strategy implemented by the company since Chris Chadwick, the third generation of the family-owned business, took over as managing director in late 2016.   

Daniel added: “The uncertainty surrounding Brexit at the moment presents challenging conditions but with the insight, experience and knowledge the team brings we feel well-placed to make great strides into Europe over the next 12 months.” 

Airedale Chemical was established in 1973 and provides chemicals and contract manufacturing to markets including agriculture, dairy, water treatment and waste management.

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Airedale Chemical is a West Yorkshire-based chemical company for the bulk and packaged chemical industry. Established in 1973, the company specialises in the manufacture of industrial chemicals, surfactants, phosphates, phosphonates and dye stuff to an expansive range of market sectors.

Its ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited manufacturing plant facilitates operations such as mixing, blending, chemical reaction and chemical product development.

Airedale Chemical is a leader in chemical contract manufacturing and can undertake a variety of blends on-site for any type of customer.

Uniquely, Airedale Chemical owns and operates its own chemical transportation fleet allowing it to provide a flexible and reactive chemical distribution service.

Airedale Chemical serves a range of market sectors including food and drink manufacturing, brewing, agriculture, dairy, water treatment, textiles, cleaning and engineering, to name a few.

Airedale Chemical is committed to its four core values of quality, trust, relationships and innovation.

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