CITRUE BISABOLOL – The True Alpha Bisabolol from Candeia Tree


Advantages of using an original (true) product, 100% natural, organic, with proved anti-irritant effectiveness and free from farnesol.

Torrinha, Brazil - March, 2018

Currently, the demand for natural products is increasing, as long as the source of this product is also known by the costumer. With this, the actives produced by natural sources are usually free from side effects, easy for obtain, considered healthy and able to improve income for the local farm producers.

Thus, the actual effectiveness of the product comprises more than just chemical results of action and yields; all the details of the value and production chains must be analyzed. The synthetic version, although presenting itself to the market as "similar" the natural product, has many disadvantages relative to the true natural, in the obtainment steps.

100% Natural and Organic Product
The (-)-α-bisabolol offered by Citroleo is Pure, Organic and 100% Natural. From non-genetically modificated sources, is obtained by fractional distillation of candeia tree essential oil, result of pioneering action of the Citróleo Group in this scenario. Unlike the scans on the market, the Citrue Bisabolol does not go through chemical process of purification, solvents reactions, synthesis or even fermentation process, making it unique and truly natural. 

Free from Farnesol
Farnesol is a natural organic compound, however, it is cited in the 26 Allergens List according to Annex III of Cosmetic Directive by 7th Amendment (2003/15/EC) for its irritation potential in sensitive skin.

This may be a warning for the moderate use of chemically obtained substances until new studies prove that they are completely free from harmful interference or even offer no risk to consumers.

On the market for more than 40 years, with no ill effects already reported, the Citrue Bisabolol produced by Citroleo Group is completely free from farnesol. This ensures that the active is not harmful for children or adults and can be used in all of types of products for sensitive skin, including babies’ products.

Unbeatable Potential of Action
There are different ingredients in the market commonly called “Bisabolol”: the natural product, as the Citroleo Company, which contains 100% of levorotatory isomer ((-) isomer), the only biologically active isomer, besides a product of biotechnologies technics, and the synthetic one, which contains the racemic mixture (± isomers).

Citrue Bisabolol has its action potential ensures by the presence of this isomer in 100% of its content while the synthetic version of the product contains only 50% (racemic mixture (±) a-bisabolol).

Besides that the value chain of biotechnological product is completely unknown, this because so far, the industrial processes involved, as well as the strains used and, above all, the long-term human exposure effects are not known.

It is important to note that there is a long human experience and wide scientific literature supporting the safe use of the natural (-) α-bisabolol while the most respect surveys basis in the area did not show evidences of published studies about the synthetic product, which is a racemic mixture and contains the (+)-α-bisabolol, up to now, an understudied agent.

Sustainable, Clean and Traceable Production Chain
With an innovation look and socio-environmental responsibility, Citroleo has total production control, from seedlings cultivation to manufacturing of Citrue Bisabolol, and ensure the quality and traceability of the final product by means of the ISO 9001.

Besides that, the whole supply chain of the Citrue Bisabolol is certified by IBD Certifications, according to NOP/USDA, BR Organic Brazilian law 10.831  (SISORG) accredited by IFOAM (International Marketing), and rule CE 834/2007 (European Market), ensuring the organic certification and traceability of organic production.

Recently, Citroleo received FSC® Certification from the Rainforest Alliance for sustainable stewardship plan of Candeia tree.

Socio-environmental Responsibility – A cycle that benefits the forest and the people who live there
The candeia tree oil is obtained through the implementation of plantations and management plans in Citroleo's own forests and in partnerships with rural producers. Both processes are approved by government agencies.

The Citroleo Group believes that the best way to preserve forests is to keep the people living there. Therefore, the company has several environmental sustainable management projects to preserve the natural biodiversity of fauna and flora and improve income for local producers and their families. A cycle that benefits the forest and its ecosystem, society in general and people who depend on the income of the fields to survive.

The Citroleo Group is nationally and internationally recognized by develops new and sustainable solutions for the current market trends, based not only on natural products but also on the well-being of the planet and the future of the new generations.

Booth J41, in-cosmetics Global, Amsterdam, April 17-19, 2018


CITRÓLEO is a 100% Brazilian company. Present in the market for more than 33 years. Supplying its products for more than 35 countries around the world, its brand is established and internationally recognized for its quality standards and commitment with sustainability.
Our Essence
Nature is a precious active of our company's, once the raw material for products development depends directly on its conditions, so the ecosystem balance and biodiversity are fundamental to the present's and the future's business. This makes Citróleo a green company with aggressive sustainability policies and focus on natural products.

Knowing that people are the center of attention of the company, all the actions taken are aimed at the well being of this public, including its contributors who count on policies of the communities development that work in its subsidiaries.

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