Chemyunion´s News in-cosmetics global 2018


Union, NJ. - April 2018

Chemyunion Inc. is very happy to announce the new ingredients that will be launched during in-cosmetics Global 2018:

New tests have proven that it is possible to straighten and protect hair at the same time
Seriliss RA straightens and protects hair simultaneously with superior and proven performance. This effect is possible due to a highly effective protein complex that promotes the preservation of cystine and permeation of sericin, a double mechanism of action responsible for increasing hair strength, also confirmed by an advanced image hair analysis.
New antimicrobial agent broadens preservation possibilities in cosmetic formulations  
Hebeatol®CG acts as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, providing formulators with greater chances of diversification in terms of product preservation. With a great synergetic combination of xylitol esters and caprylyl glycol, it is compatible with several cosmetic formulations which are great for micellar waters, wet wipes and eyelash mascaras.
Achieving high efficiency in emulsion stabilization – from fluid to butter
Powderfeel WR facilitates the formulation of multiple textures from fluid to butter in a cold process. It is an O/W emulsifier based on Pickering emulsion technology, which supports cold development with high stabilization efficiency, as well as reducing environmental impact and processing costs, enabling the development of minimalist formulas.
Multifunctionalism and minimalism in highly-effective formulations for the male grooming industry
4MAN is a natural and multifunctional solution with 4 effects in one single active ingredient. It can handle excessive oily skin while  reducing signs of aging, promotes moisturizing and has smoothing properties, which are attractive benefits for men.

About Chemyunion:
Everyday at Chemyunion we create and develop innovative ingredients for health and personal care, aligned with market trends. Our capabilities in delivery systems, plant extraction and organic synthesis provide maximum efficacy and safety in each ingredient for hair therapy, dermocosmetics and nutraceuticals, adding perceived value to our customer’s finished formulas, reaching consumers all over the world through pertinent brands. Discover how easy it is to innovate with Chemyunion.

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