Novacap Leverages on Its Global Leadership Positions in Pharmaceuticals to Conquer Cosmetic Market


Lyon, France - 16 May 2018

Novacap leverages on its global leadership positions in pharmaceuticals to conquer Cosmetic Market

Novacap in the Cosmetic Market
Novacap offers a cutting-edge portfolio for the cosmetic market, sourced mainly in pharmaceutics and fine chemistry know-hows. Today established as the worldwide leader for salicylic acid, Novacap has also an excellent position in other essential ingredients, such as methyl salicylate and sodium bicarbonate. For three years, Novacap has significantly broaden its cosmetic portfolio via several key acquisitions.

A growth driven by a very dynamic M&A strategy
The recent acquisitions of PCAS, Chemoxy, Uetikon, and ID-BIO strengthens Novacap’s position in the cosmetic field, thanks to a very wide array of best in class capabilities in customized fine chemistry, botanical ingredients and biotechnologies.
  • -    In 2015, acquisition of the German company Uetikon, specialised in tailor made synthesis of complex molecules for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
  • -    In 2017, acquisition of the UK company Chemoxy, specialised in Custom Processing, Solvent Recovery, environmentally friendly solvents. Chemoxy also offers specialty personal care ingredients such as emollient, preservative booster esters, with the highest quality standards in terms of purity and organoleptic profile.
  • -    In 2017 acquisition of the French company ID bio, specialised in classical or biotechnological extraction and purification of botanical substances. ID bio also offers a high level know how in tailor made ingredients, and full service finished products.
  • -    In 2017, acquisition of majority block of shares at PCAS, specialised in fine chemistry, offering cutting edge know how in development and manufacturing of complex molecules for Life Science industries.
In 2018, Novacap launches a comprehensive cosmetic offer

Functional Care
  • Essential ingredients such as Salicylic acid and Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Classical ingredients such as ChemoxyCare®8 (Caprylyl glycol), and ChemoxyCare®2EHG
Active Care
  • Active ingredients
  • Botanicals…
  • Fine chemistry (new molecule synthesis, Biocatalysis, Protein engineering tool…)
  • Botanicals (customized plant extracts, active co-creation…)
  • Full service finished products…
In line with its strong commitment to sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsability (CSR), Novacap invests in blockchain technology
Blockchain technology will be deployed first at botanical and biotech actives business end of 2018. The first ambition is to guaranty the traceability of « BIO » active ingredients, in compliance with Ecocert/Cosmos label, from raw material purchase to finished product shipment.

Driven by its culture of excellence and its strong entrepreneurial spirit, Novacap offers its customers the best levels of quality in products and services.  Novacap DNA is also to maintain a high level of agility, to serve both customer satisfaction and quick strategy deployment.

Global player in pharmaceutical synthesis, advanced specialties and cosmetic, Novacap produces and distributes essential products used today and for the future. Novacap offers a wide range of products and boasts leading positions in a variety of markets, including pharmaceuticals and healthcare, cosmetics and fragrances as well as food and feed, home care and environment. Novacap sets itself apart not only by the outstanding quality of its products but also by its culture of excellence which aims at providing its clients with the best level of service. Novacap operates 27 sites industrials sites and R&D units in Europe, Asia and America. Novacap posted sales of €900 million and employs more than 3,000 people across the world.

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