SEPAWA Congress 2018 , Berlin October 10. – 12.,2018 - Festival of the Senses


Berlin / Thannhausen, Germany - May 30, 2018
The SEPAWA Congress 2018 in Berlin has an additional highlight! This year, a special focus is on fragrances. Because perfumes play an important role in our well-being and in how we feel, fragrances are an important factor in the formulation of Personal and Home Care products as well. In the session “Fragrances: Science, Regulation and Market”, we will investigate how the reception of fragrances can influence our senses and even our health.

Renowned speakers present the follwing topics and are ready for discussion:
  • IFRA Standards – the fragrance industry’s self-regulatory approach (Dr. Matthias Vey, IFRA)
  • The Nagoya Protocol and Access and Benefit Sharing regulations:  challenges for the fragrance and flavor industries (Dr. Cecile Gonzales, IFRA)
  • Smelling beyond the nose: Expression and physiological  function of extranasal olfactory receptors (Prof. Dr. med. Habil. Hanns Hatt, Uni. Bochum)
  • Allergen Labelling - Practical approach and background information (Dirk Beuster, DVRH)
  • "Natural” and “Organic” in Cosmetics and Related Products and Ingredients (Prof. Dr. Wladyslaw S. Brud, Academy of Cosmetology and Health Care, Warsaw; Pollena-Aroma Ltd. )
Your senses will be even more stimulated on the evening of Wednesday October 11, 2018. As a special feature and with the assistance of  HTW school Berlin, a Fashion Show will take place in connection with the experience of fragrances specially created for this event. All attendants will receive perfumes which were created by the companies Drom, Frey & Lau and  Düllberg and which will enhance the fashion style and inspire the senses.

Participants will feel the combination of the senses of eye, nose and ear.
Don`t miss out on this SEPAWA Fragrance highlight!

About the SEPAWA e.V.:
With some 1,600 members, SEPAWA is one of the largest specialist associations in Europe. Experts from the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and perfume industries are part of this association. Professsionals from both small and medium-sized businesses and major companies, scientists from industry and the university sector as well as representatives of authorities and consumer associations use SEPAWA for dialog and an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. Another focus is the promotion of qualified junior scientists.

Should you have any questions, please contact:
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tel.: +49 8281 7994030
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