Official launch of ERI 360° Label


Lyon, France - June 5th, 2018
The “green revolution” of the extraction industry has led in the past few years to a technological shift towards ecoextraction, which should include the societal responsibility of businesses in the process. It is from this observation that the ERI 360 ° Label, for Eco Responsible Ingredient, is born.

The ERI 360° Label genesis
Defined by France Eco Extraction association with the help of PASS* competitivity cluster and 13 French companies of the aromatic and cosmetics industries, ERI 360° Label enables the companies to evaluate their extracts’ processes in the supply chain as well as their sustainable and responsible practices. ERI 360° Label is an internal tool for companies to guide them and measure their performance (labeling), it also offers the possibility to obtain a certification via an external audit.

Gattefossé has committed itself, along with the other members of the consortium - sharing  the values of respect for people, environment and biodiversity - in defining this certification framework.

"Why did we decide to participate? First and foremost because the objectives of the consortium were fully in line with our  R&D approach and our aspirations for future progress. The ERI 360° Label has been created in a real proactive synergy with other partners and we are personally proud of this reliable and robust reference tool which is based on a transversal evaluation", explains Sandrine LOPIS-PRESLE, Research Engineer - R&D Plants Sourcing at Gattefossé.

Evaluation and transversal approach

The ERI 360° Label provides an evaluation grid established on 100 SMART** indicators to determine the eco-responsibility of an ingredient. It is based on a transversal evaluation to measure the traceability of the ingredients built on 3 main criteria: an assessment of the raw material, the bio-processes and the processes. Labeling is done through an electronic application presented on a web platform, supported by a training course to help users carry out the evaluation. There are  three levels of labeling (gold, silver, bronze) which result from the level of success obtained during the evaluation. The evaluation is accompanied by recommendations aimed at the continuous improvement of the company for the production of responsible ingredients.

Labeling and certification to ERI 360°
The ERI 360° Label is exclusively intended for ingredients’ suppliers in the aromatic, cosmetic and agro-food sectors taking into account the environmental and societal impacts of the ingredients’ production in a perspective of continuous improvement. Companies wishing to commit in the implementation of sustainable production methods respectful of people and environment can apply for certification with France Eco Extraction or PASS Cluster. The implementation of the labeling can be done individually, by extract and / or family of extracts, or it can take the shape of a subscription to use the evaluation tool for a portfolio of ingredients. The rates are adapted accordingly, further information available in the leaflet here.

About France Eco Extraction Association
Resulting from the partnership between the Clusters TERRALIA, Trimatec and Perfumes Flavours Fragrances & Scents (PASS), France Eco Extraction Association aims to pool, develop and disseminate the skills, techniques, methods and tools involved in the field of eco-extraction of natural ingredients. In order to address the entire value chain, the founding clusters have been joined by the European University of Fragrances & Scents and FranceAgrimer.

About Gattefossé
Gattefossé develops, manufactures and sells specialty ingredients for the personal care
and pharmaceutical industries and offers a strong expertise in formulation for both of these activities.

Gattefossé markets its products in more than 60 countries through 12 affiliated companies and a network of agents and distributors who provide technical and marketing support.

Innovation, ethics, quality and long-term stability are the company key-drivers since the

Gattefossé was founded in Lyon, France in 1880 by Mr. Louis Gattefossé to whom building strong relationship with customers was a priority. The company remains a family-run, independent business, and now employs more than 300 people worldwide.

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