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Why 500+ when most sun protection regulations limit to 50+?

Dreux, France - June 2018
You may have seen pictures of the twins who lived in different climates, situations of the world and social environments.
High sun protection is fundamental to reduce skin aging and ultimately skin cancer for all who live in varied climates, situations of the world and social environments.

At SPL® we have found that you should use UVA 500 + for anti-age formulas and SPF 500 + for equalising and lightening skin.
How do we, at SPL® achieve such high protections numbers for UVA?
Over the years we have focused on observing 5 main stable and measurable criterias:

1. Photo-stability of materials used in formulations
2. Nature of filters, organic or mineral, and their advantages
3. Hydration levels of the skin and if the diffusion of the formulas to the capillaries
4. Structure types of emulsions or balms, and their stabilities
5. Transparency skin colour additives to achieve consumers or marketing acceptance

We have also added in our studies variable factors with little or no control, on weather humidity levels, air pressure values, ambient air temperature, altitudes, locations and finally the diet of the consumer 24 hours before. All of the above have a significant impact on the UVR protection potential.
The SPL® at The Innovation Company® works to achieve for our customers real anti-age efficiency and also safe skin lightening performance, by respecting the melanocytes of our skin.

If you have projects, old or new, or need fast solutions, from the SPF/UVA pass 50+, to the anti-age or safe skin lightening, and even SPF 500 levels, contact us at our unique Sun Protection Laboratory®.

We will be very happy to have you visit us in France to further explain our unique analytical labs and how best they serve your product’s needs.
Only from The Innovation Company®.

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