LUZI Fragrance Compounds Switzerland Becomes a Family-run Company Again in Its Third Generation


Dietlikon, Switherland - 4th of June 2018
The Swiss family-owned company LUZI fragrance compounds, producer of fragrance compounds for perfumes, cosmetics, room care and home care is handing the management of the Swiss business to the third generation.

After 20 years, a member of the owner family is returning to the Executive Management in the person of Roland Altenburger. Jürg Koller, former CEO for Switzerland, will be responsible for the company's future growth strategy and internationalisation in his position as Group CEO.

Internationalisation and sustainable growth
LUZI fragrance compounds already has an international structure. In addition to its own sales offices in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, a branch office was opened in Malaysia in 2016, which boasts an ultra-modern production facility and a development and sales unit. Due to the company's growth and rising demand for its services, the number of employees increased in the past few years from 43 (1999) to more than 140. Thanks to its investments in additional staff and modern production facilities, LUZI successfully tripled its sales from almost CHF 17 million in 1999 to more than CHF 50 million in 2018.

Commitment to Switzerland as a business location
LUZI is fully committed to Switzerland as a business location. It is currently planning a new building to replace the company's almost 50-year old headquarters. To this end, LUZI acquired 11,000 square metres of land close to the current production facility. "Of course personnel costs are high in Switzerland. But this is becoming increasingly less important in a world of advancing digital automation and further productivity increases.  The focus is shifting to the infrastructure, tax burden and quality and flexibility of the labour market," says Roland Altenburger.

History of LUZI fragrance compounds
LUZI AG was founded by Hermann Luzi in 1926 for the purpose of "trading in perfume compounds, essential oils and non-toxic colours". During a succession settlement in 1952, the passionate perfumer Eduard Altenburger was given the opportunity to acquire all the LUZI shares. The company subsequently focused on the development, manufacture and sale of fragrance compounds. It moved its offices from Zurich City to Dietlikon, where LUZI still has its headquarters.

In 1979, Eduard Altenburger passed the reins to his son, Dr. Rolf Altenburger, who managed the company as Director until 1999. Dr. Rolf Altenburger initiated the company's internationalisation and the automation of the production processes.

Jürg Koller, who served as CEO of LUZI since 1999, intensively pursued the company's internationalisation, automation and professionalisation. Nowadays, LUZI fragrance compounds has sales offices in Germany, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the Dominican Republic, Dubai and Nigeria as well as a branch in Malaysia with an ultra-modern production facility and a development and sales unit. Today, LUZI is internationally recognised as an expert fragrance consultant. The ISO certification indicates the importance of development, manufacture and sales. As a member of IFRA, the international regulatory authority for the perfume industry, LUZI is committed to the safe use of fragrances in consumer goods.

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