Citróleo Launches a New Line of Differentiated Surfactants. The Richness of Brazilian Biodiversity with The Latest Generation of Technology Applied to Cosmetics.


Torrinha, Brazil - June, 2018
Joined with the new line "CitroTech", Citróleo presents to the market two new innovative products that combine the richness of Brazilian biodiversity with the latest generation of technology applied to cosmetics.

A line of rich surfactants with unique features and benefits due to the renewable, sustainable and traceable resources of crude vegetables oils from North of Brazil.

It is a natural alternative to surfactants derived from palm oil. In Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa, large areas of tropical rainforest are devastated every day to give space of palm plantations, putting species (flora and fauna) at risk of extinction.

Green Behenic (BAPDMA)
Performance in conditioning
Derived from Pracaxi Oil, Green Behenic (BAPDMA) is rich in long chain fatty acids (C22 and C24), responsible for its high conditioning power that can offer an unequaled sensorial end with the sensation of "fainting" of the hair, a new world trend in hair care market.

Its absorption by the negatively charged surface of the hair, no leaves residue and so little heavy wires, providing increased brightness, high releasing power, soft touch, reduced frizz and volume and partial repair of damages caused by external agents such as dryer, flat iron and straighteners. It is a nonionic surfactant, which in acidic medium has a cationic character, low allergenicity.

We emphasize that the product has vegetal origin, is biodegradable, with low allergenicity and free of palm oil. Green Behenic (BAPDMA) can be formulated in various hair care products, such as: conditioners, combing creams, treatment creams, serums, shampoos, among others.

Green CAPB-B
Free of any palm derivatives, Green CAPB-B is an amphoteric surfactant derived from Babaçu Oil, rich in lauric, myristic and oleic fatty acids. The presence of these fatty acids makes the active principles present in the formulation are better absorbed by the hair, potentializing its effects.

An innovative amphoteric, as it gives the cosmetic formulations more flexibility, requiring a lower percentage of electrolytes, donor of viscosity, in the final product. This allows reduction of the turbidity point and higher incorporation of additives without risk of phase separation.

A betaine with excellent dermal compatibility. In addition, associated with anionic surfactants, it allows synergistic reduction of the irritability to the eyes and to the skin, bringing a softer foam stable and more creamy, besides being naturally more viscous. We recommend for transparent, pearly, creamy and children shampoos formulations, bath gel, foam bath and liquid soaps.

Green CAPB-B promoted:
•    Creamy foam
•    More stable foam

Green CAPB-B promoted:
•    Alignment of wires
•    Defrizz
•    Definition of curls
•    Long duration of effects
•    Volume Reduction

High performance: Derivatives of crude and 100% natural oils
The ingredients of the CitroTech Line derive from crude vegetable oils, maintaining in its composition all the qualities and properties of its origin compounds. Thus, one of the differentials to be highlighted is that during its production process, the oils of origin are not subjected to the refining process, providing a better performance in the final cosmetic.

Social and Environmental Concern
Concerned with the future of its main asset, the Nature, Citroleo invests in partnership with communities in the North and Northeast of Brazil, providing training and professionalization to the collection of seeds, respecting the maturation time of the fruit, when they naturally drop off the tree, thus preserving the species and generating income for extractive families.

Traceable supply chain
Success in the result of a cosmetic product is closely related to the choice of the raw material with quality and origin. Thus, Citróleo carefully analyzes the entire supply chain of ingredients to ensure the quality and traceability of its raw materials.

CITRÓLEO is a 100% Brazilian company. Present in the market for more than 33 years. Supplying its products for more than 35 countries around the world, its brand is established and internationally recognized for its quality standards and commitment with sustainability.
Our Essence
Nature is a precious active of our company's, once the raw material for products development depends directly on its conditions, so the ecosystem balance and biodiversity are fundamental to the present's and the future's business. This makes Citróleo a green company with aggressive sustainability policies and focus on natural products.

Knowing that people are the center of attention of the company, all the actions taken are aimed at the well being of this public, including its contributors who count on policies of the communities development that work in its subsidiaries.

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