Berg+Schmidt: Shea Butter – Overcoming Availability Fluctuations


Hamburg, Germany - 27 July 2018
With the BergaCare SB range, Hamburg oleo-chemical company Berg+Schmidt offers refined and unrefined Shea Butter for the cosmetic and food industry. During the summer months Shea Butter as a raw material is scarce, since ripening of the West African shea nut lasts into the summer and harvesting is possible only from May to September. Towards the end of the season users who don’t plan ahead often have to make do with lower quality at higher prices. In order to offer its customers a high quality product year-round, Berg+Schmidt has long worked with a reliable network. The company cultivates these relationships on site and so benefits directly from traditional production in the sub-Sahel zone.

Shea Butter is a natural vegetable fat whose antioxidant properties and rich vitamin content makes it valuable for high-quality cosmetics like lotions, sun-screens and hair care. The antioxidant quality of Shea Butter depends to a great degree on its unsaponifiable components, which BergaCare SB con-tains in particularly high concentration - at least 5 %, three times higher than mango butter and sesame oil. These components include disinfectant ter-pineols and cinnamates, and phytosterols that assist in cell regeneration. BergaCare SB also contains stearic and oleic acids, two long-chain fatty acids widely used in the cosmetics industry for their anti-inflammatory and moisturising effects. Its good skin tolerance and care properties make Shea Butter a versatile natural product that is in demand by consumers.

Shea Butter is harvested in West Africa by traditional means. For local women, harvesting the wild nuts is an important, regular source of income.

After the harvest, which lasts from May to September, the nuts are pro-cessed locally. For Berg+Schmidt Shea Butter is thus much more than just a trade product. It is something that a lot of heart and effort goes into.

The certified BergaCare SB range is offered in cosmetic quality grades for different uses (conventional, Ecocert, Cosmos, organic) as well as for use in food (BIO). Berg+Schmidt is very flexible in terms of packaging the refined product, in order to address a wide variety of customer needs and applica-tions.

About Berg + Schmidt
Berg + Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG is part of the independent, owner-operated Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. For 30 years the group has been successful internationally in the world of food & feed ingredients and oleochemistry. The eleven specialist firms under the um-brella of the Stern-Wywiol holding company produce a wide range of functional systems for food, animal nutrition and oleochemistry. Alongside Berg + Schmidt the dynamic group also includes such well-known companies as Hydrosol for stabilising systems, SternVitamin for vitamin and mineral premixes, SternEnzym for enzyme systems, SternLife for nutritional supplements and Sternchemie for food lipids, especially lecithin, MCT oil and red palm oil. Development activities are centred on applications research in the modern, 3000 m2+ Stern-Technology Center in Ahrensburg near Hamburg, Germany. Here, each specialist company has access to the concentrated knowledge of the entire group through the “Know-How Connection”. Berg + Schmidt is at home on the worldwide oleochemical market, with a strong presence and own production facilities in Asia for the fresh extraction and processing of palm and palm kernel oils. The company has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, India and the US. In Ouderkerk near Rotterdam it maintains a mod-ern stainless-steel tank storage facility with integrated quality laboratory.

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