C+K: Meet The Latest Member of Tewameter®-Family: The Tewameter® TM Nano


Koeln, Germany - July 27th, 2018
With its ultra-small measuring chamber (only 2 mm Ø), the Tewameter® TM Nano allows to measure the Transepidermal Waterloss (TEWL) in g/h/m² on small, or difficult to reach sites.

The measurement of the Tewameter® is the basic measurement for all cosmetic applications regarding efficacy/safety testing and claim support. The Tewameter® TM Nano is ideal for measuring on nails, lips, scalp with parted hair, small animals, etc.

Special rubber rings make the probe sit tightly even on slightly curved surfaces (e.g. the nails). As they are exchangeable, the rings can be cleansed hygienically.

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