The Innovation Company® presents: Alphaflow® 2 ISO 16128. No Substutute to Safety in Formulas.


The natural way to replace silicones and especially Dimethicone for safe and free of SVHC.

Dreux, France - August 2018
Our Alphaflow® 2 ISO 16128 series are safe substitutes for cosmetics.

ECHA recently regulated that cyclomethicone materials and notably D-4, D-5 and D-6 are defined as SVHC materials with two types of bio-persistence.
Alphaflow® 2 offers that rare moment to "bring back safety" to formulas and really offer safety to the cosmetic consumer.

Alphaflow® 2 ISO 16128 and their unique characteristics:
They are based on natural materials, engineered to bring silicone feel and even better performance than Dimethicone, which has traces of much more than 0.1% content of D-4, D-5 and D-6 volatiles.

The ECHA level use of the above to avoid warning labelling on packaging is only at 0.1%.
Alphaflow® have very long oxidation stability index on par with silicones well over 2000 minutes at 100°C and have a very long lasting low peroxide values and are therefore considered very inert materials.
Alphaflow® are photostable and ideal for all day time skin care, colour care applications and also sun care. They do not age your skin by photoreactivity in day conditions.
Alphaflow® are colourless, odourless, tasteless with great slip and soft textures. Alphaflow® are more easy to emulsify and stabilise than silicones due to a very higher negative surface charge called Zeta Potential. Nice, fast and easy to use in your formulations.
Alphaflow® offer various viscosities, refractive index and textures.
Alphaflow® very importantly bring ready to go derivatives for special formulas.
We have created:
Hectone® AF2 series of thixotropic gels.
Creagel® Crystal AF2 gels have long lasting, waterproofing function.
Creagel® EZ AF2 series of "cold process emulsifiers", easy and fast to use, to make the most refreshing creams and serums.
Alphaflow® are above all non bio-available emollients, so different from silicones.
Alphaflow® are for now the only range of safe emollients that replace all the characteristics of Dimethicone with real safety of use for your skin.
Alphaflow® are of course ideal for world wide approved formulas, ideal for day time and are great at night time as they are irritant and allergen free.

Only from The Innovation Company® with our ethics of “no substitute for safety first”.

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