Ashland’s Suprastim™ Biofunctional Revives Your Skin with Superfruits


Sophia, Antopollis, France - August 13, 2018
Stress, too much sun and too little sleep are often factors contributing to hectic lifestyles, which can make skin look less luminous and less toned. Exposing skin to certain environmental stressors can also cause skin fatigue, which includes   making facial wrinkles appear more visible and dark rings under our eyes more prominent.

Ashland has introduced Suprastim™ biofunctional, a solution to help relieve the visible signs of skin fatigue and provide an energy boost to skin care products. Suprastim™ enables skin cells to re-balance their natural energy flow, help revive skin and give it a healthy glow.

It is well documented that the “fight or flight” stress hormone cortisol can have a negative effect on our bodies. In a stressed-out, fast-paced world, our bodies are creating cortisol almost constantly, which can have a detrimental effect not only on our health and wellness but also on our skin. This is one of the main factors attributed to skin aging by the breakdown of collagen and dehydration of the skin. Studies have shown that Suprastim™ can help skin control the 11β-HSD1 enzyme, which is known to regulate cortisol levels in skin cells.

Suprastim™ is sourced from the Amazonian super fruit camu camu, known by the locals as the “youth berry”.  It is rich in vitamins and minerals, with the highest known content of vitamin C and has 30-60 times more vitamin C than an orange. It also boasts an antioxidant capacity five times that of green tea.  Suprastim™ preserves most of the camu camu’s composition and contributes to three main benefits to the skin: antioxidant properties, increased collagen production and reduced pigmentation.  It also provides a fourth key benefit – Suprastim™ can help reduce the visible signs of skin fatigue.

 “Ashland is really excited to offer this new ingredient,” said Anne Clay, global marketing manager, Vincience biofunctionals. “The volunteers who helped us test the product showed reduced signs of skin fatigue, including less visible dark rings and improved skin luminosity. Ashland has also been using new 2D and 3D skin models, which have provided unique insight and a fresh view to understanding skin fatigue.

The superfruit trend is gaining momentum outside of the food and beverage world and has now extended into skin care. For additional information, visit

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