The Technology Branch of IPPM GmbH in Cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technologies (ICT) Developed Highly Efficient Microwave Units for Continuous Reactions and Processes.


Alzenau, Germany - August, 2018
The IPPM GmbH offers smart solutions for the concentration and isolation of natural-based ingredients, actives, fragrances and flavors for the cosmetics, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries through microwave supported extraction processes.

The technology branch of IPPM GmbH in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technologies (ICT) developed highly efficient microwave units for continuous reactions and processes. These units can be used for chemical reactions with extremely high time-space yields and high product qualities, as well as solvent-free extraction processes for the isolation of ingredients from natural sources, particularly from plants and waste from agricultural activities.

The efficient handling of energy and feedstocks, as well as the environmentally friendly utilization of biomass and the reduction of emissions like CO2 are challenges of today. Innovative processes offer auspicious ap-proaches.

Thus, microwave technology shows great advantages in the concentration or isolation of actives from bio-mass. Highly valuable products like tocopherols, squalene, pectin, cellulosic fibers, antioxidants, polyphe-nols, fragrances and flavors can be made available from biomass in an environmentally friendly way.

These natural active compounds are increasingly used in the beauty care and nutrition; markets which show high growth rates. The microwave technology exhibits a key element for „green chemistry “, which is re-quested by the society more and more.

The microwave technology is characterized by short reaction times, stable and precisely controlled reaction conditions and high energy efficiency. Exactly controlled processing guarantees products in high quality and high yields. The highly efficient microwave units can be used in homogeneous and heterogeneous systems. This includes reaction mixtures liquid – liquid, solid – liquid, and liquid – gaseous. High-viscous mixtures and suspensions can be processed as well.

The technology branch of IPPM offers microwave reaction units in lab scale, as well as pilot plant and demonstration units up to industrial scale. A further focus is on tailor-made the process development. The design of the reaction zone is based in the results of the process development and the manufacture of the complete microwave units is done in a network of experts.

Save and energy-efficient processes for the production of chemicals and extraction of bio-based active com-pounds from biomass and side products from agriculture will serve the customers‘ needs in a growing mar-ket of bio-based products.

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