bitop: Bacteria from Salt Lakes Protect The Skin


Dortmund, Germany - 09/2018
Just in time for its 25th anniversary, bitop AG is opening a new chapter: The manufacturer of natural protection molecules for skin and mucosa is expanding at its new location in Dortmund. At the opening event, bitop was welcoming around 200 guests from Germany and abroad. The products of bitop are part of many well-known cosmetics and medical devices. The substances obtained from special bacteria - so-called Extremolytes - are successfully marketed worldwide. They are used inter alia for the treatment of allergies, skin and respiratory diseases. The cosmetics industry uses bitop's products, for example, in the areas of anti-aging, skin soothing and pollution protection.

"With the move from Witten to the biotechnology location in Dortmund, we are also becoming visible to the outside world as a highly specialized, global biotech company," explains Claus Kjaersgaard, who has been the new CEO of bitop AG since June 2018. "Our newly built high-tech company building provides much-needed space for growth and also laboratories for young start-ups, as we ourselves once were. Most importantly, after the completion of the ongoing approval process, we will soon be building our new production facility, which will enable us to produce more sustainably, more effectively, and at lower cost. " From its new location, bitop wants to open up new markets and thus further expand its position as world market leader in the segment of natural extremolytes. "With our medical devices, we are currently represented in around 50 countries, our active cosmetic ingredients are available worldwide" says the new CEO. "Above all, markets in Asia will be the focus of our interest in the coming years". The new process will also give new applications for bitop's products. A personnel expansion of currently over 50 to about 70 employees is planned in the next step.

"With the help of special nanofiltration technology, we will be able to gain our highly effective extremolytes more effective, cheaper and, above all, far more sustainable in the future.“ explains Andreas Bilstein. The scientific director of bitop AG has been taking care of the technical needs of the company, which was founded 25 years ago as a spin-off of the University of Witten-Herdecke.

"With the new process one can forego many stages of the previous production process. This saves us considerable amounts of chemicals, energy, water and activated carbon and thus protects the environment, "says Bilstein, summing up the main advantages of the new process.

bitop will invest around EUR 5.5 million in the new production facility, which will be installed in the newly constructed high-tech building following completion of the ongoing approval process. The start of production is expected in the second quarter of 2019.

"The new process will also enable new applications of our extremolytes - especially in the cosmetics industry," predicts Bilstein. Details will be evaluated in the coming months.

The 25th company anniversary was celebrated on September 5th for a whole day with a total of 200 invited guests from the cosmetics, phrama and animal health and care industry. During an in-house exhibition, the guests had the chance to peek behind the scenes of bitop and get in touch with all employees and departments. In the afternoon, bitop has presented three scientific and business-related lectures in all the topic areas which interest the industry. The keynote speech was given by Prof. Dr. Jean Krutmann, who spoke about the clinical efficacy of Ectoin® for dermatological and anti-pollution applications. The scienitfic programm was followed by a cocktail reception.

About bitop®:
bitop® is a pioneer and world market leader in the extraction and commercialization of extremolytes from highly specialized bacteria. Such microorganisms can survive under extreme conditions, such as salt lakes, the desert, the arctic ice or geysers using these natural substances. Extremolytes act as natural protective molecules of the cells. They also protect human skin and mucous membranes from dehydration and inflammation and activate their self-repairing mechanism.

We take advantage of these positive properties by making our extremolytes Ectoin® natural and Glycoin® natural marketable as active ingredients for OTC medical devices, cosmetics and animal applications. Our range of services includes the development and manufacture of this substance class, the development of finished product concepts as well as clinical research and approval. We provide our highly effective natural substances to prestigious manufacturers as raw materials for their own products.

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