65th SEPAWA Congress 2018 - October 10-12, 2018 in Berlin


Berlin / Thannhausen, Germany - October, 2018
The 65th SEPAWA Congress in conjunction with the 14th European Detergents Conference (EDC), held now for the second time in the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin, was again a tremendous success with 3116 delegates from 64 countries.

The scientific conferences and the Forum for Innovations with a total of more than 130 papers and the exhibition with 262 exhibitors were busy throughout the opening hours. All over the Estrel Congress Center, people were talking and discussing with peers. A well-filled exhibition floor resulted in lively activities on all booths.

The venue for the SEPAWA Congress is truly perfect. It offers the ideal frame for the congress motto “Meet your Business “. We are also satisfied that we could again increase the visitors´ number and the number of exhibiting companies.” reports Robert Fischer, Press Officer of SEPAWA e.V.

A new focus at the SEPAWA Congress was on fragrance. Perfumes play an important role in our well-being and are an important factor in the formulation of Personal and Home Care products. In the session “Fragrances: Science, Regulation and Market”, renowned speakers presented regulatory issues and scientific findings:
A special highlight was Prof. Dr. med. habil. Hanns Hatt with his presentation on: "Smelling beyond the nose: Expression and physiological  function of extranasal olfactory receptors".

Delegates` senses were even more stimulated on the evening of Wednesday October 11, 2018. As a special feature and with the assistance of HTW school Berlin, a Fashion Show took place in connection with the experience of fragrances specially created for this event. Attendants were enchanted with perfumes which were created by the companies Drom, Frey & Lau and Düllberg and which underlined the fashion style and inspired the senses.

Being in Berlin for the second time, the SEPAWA congress is still growing and we get more and more familiar with the location. Based on the experiences and the feedback, we will further improve the organizational structure. Looking forward to the 66th SEPAWA congress in 2019.” says Dr. Hans Jürgen Scholz, 1st Chairman of SEPAWA e.V.

SEPAWA e.V. Annual Meeting
During the annual meeting on Tuesday October 9th, 2018 a new board was elected. Thilo Baum and Dr. Vera Maienschein left the SEPAWA Board. Because of statutory age limits, Dr. Lothar Möhle and  Lothar Rasthofer could not be reelected.

To replace them, Dr. Gerhard Merkle, Dr. Erik Brückner, Holger Plate and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Lademann stood for the Board and were elected. The new board is put together by:

- Dr. Hans Jürgen Scholz (1st chairman )
- Dr. Gerhard Merkle (secretary)
- Dr. Erik Brückner (treasurer)
- Michael Fender
- Holger Plate
- Prof. Dr. Andre Laschewsky
- Prof. Dr. Jürgen Lademann

Photo: New SEPAWA e.V. Board

SEPAWA Young Researchers' Award
The annual SEPAWA Young Researchers' Award meets one of the SEPAWA's most important objectives in helping to promote the training of the next generation of specialists. The prize is given to students for outstanding bachelor, master and doctoral theses. The jury selected 6 prizewinners from the submitted works.

Three prizes were awarded for outstanding bachelor theses.

The first prize was awarded to Torsten Boeddekker from the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences for his work on "Optimization of fragrance containing encapsulation systems".

The second prize went to Daniela Ivanov from the University of Hamburg for her thesis on: "Investigations on the connection between epidermal lactic acid and the physiology of the skin in consideration of biochemical aspects”.

The third prize winner was Madeleine Baune from the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences for her Bachelor diploma: „Biophysical measuring methods to determine the influence of natural greying of human hair on the efficacy of cosmetic polymers“.

Also three prizes were awarded for outstanding master theses.

The first prize was awarded to Timo Bollmann,    Köln Technical University for the paper on: “Synthesis and physiochemical characterization of microbial sophorolipids".

The second prize was given to Britta Malcher, University of Hamburg for the thesis: „Evaluation of methods to determinate the efficacy of aluminum free antitranspirants", and the third prize was awarded to Annemarie Schiewe, University of Hamburg for: "Alternatives to cosmetic raw materials of petrochemical or animal husbandry".

The picture shows the prize winners and Dr. Hansjürgen Scholz and Prof. Dr. André Laschewsky.

Photo: SEPAWA Young Researchers' Award

SEPAWA Innovation Award
Innovations are crucial for growth and competitiveness and are the pillar for our economy. Being innovative is an important precondition for competing successfully in the global market. For the sixth time, this year’s SEPAWA Innovation Award from the areas of cosmetics and detergents was awarded to three prizewinners. The prize is supposed to generate impulses for an active management of ideas in the member companies of SEPAWA and raising public awareness to the appreciated innovation.

A neutral independent jury of 6 members from the scientific board of SEPAWA and the Chairman of SEPAWA selected 3 prize winners out of 27 proposals submitted. The Prize consists of a certificate and a trophy, which shows the SEPAWA wave in stylized form.

The first prize was awarded to BASF AG, which was received by Ute Griesbach for the "High SPF sunscreens that feel light on the skin”.

The second prize was awarded to Jana Ruffert on behalf of Schülke & Mayr GmbH for: ”euxyl® K 830: Innovations in preserving cosmetic products OCX Efficacy Enhancing System”.

The third prize, which was accepted by Beata Hurst, was given to mibelle biochemistry Group for the ingredient innovation:” MossCellTec TM No. 1”.

Photo: SEPAWA Innovation Award

Young Researcher Award of the GDCh Specialist Group Detergency
GDCh Specialist Group Detergency awarded 3 young scientists for excellent scientific work with special relevance for the development of detergents and cleaners.

The prize for the best dissertation was received by Dr. Thiemo Fassbach for his paper:  "Bio-based Surfactants by Homogeneous Catalysis:  Approaches to Process Development".

Timo Bollmann, Leverkusen, was awarded for “Synthesis and physiochemical characterization of microbial sophorolipids".

And the price for the best bachelor paper was given to Marc-Kevin Zinn for the paper:  "Development of a testing method to analyse the hygenic performance of industrial fresh water dishwashing machines”.

The next SEPAWA Congress dates are: October 23 – 25, 2019.

photos by: Katrin Heyer

About the SEPAWA e.V.:
With some 1,600 members, SEPAWA is one of the largest specialist associations in Europe. Experts from the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and perfume industries are part of this association. Professsionals from both small and medium-sized businesses and major companies, scientists from industry and the university sector as well as representatives of authorities and consumer associations use SEPAWA for dialog and an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. Another focus is the promotion of qualified junior scientists.

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