Medichem and HARKE GROUP Have Started a Collaboration


Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany - October 23, 2018
Chlorhexidine salts are effective against a broad variety of bacteria, enveloped viruses and fungi. Due to its broad-spectrum efficacy, safety-profile in particular on the skin, with low irritation, Chlorhexidine is an extremely versatile and effective product and is widely used as active pharmaceutical ingredient, disinfectant, antiseptic or preserv-ative in different fields like Pharma, Medical Devices, Oral Care, Veterinary, Personal Care and Industrial Cleaning.

Diana Pardo, Head of Chlorhexidine Business Unit at Medichem states about HARKE: “We are confident that appointing HARKE for promoting our Chlorhexidine salts in the DACH area will bring fruitful business to both of our companies. Considering HARKE’s local network, expertise and reputation they are in the exact point we were looking for in order to expand distribution channels in all the different sectors where Chlorhexidine salts play a role in the market”.

Mandy Rehlander, Head of Business Unit Pharma at HARKE GROUP comments on the new alliance: “From the very first moment that we met Medichem, we knew this is a perfect match. We share the same quality standards, business ethics, focus on se-lected products and flexibility to set full customer satisfaction in the centre of our daily work. Adding Chlorhexidine salts to the portfolio of HARKE GROUP enables a wider offer for our customers in DACH and strengthens our position as leading dis-tributor for high-quality raw materials rounded up with the regulatory and technical knowledge. We are proud to partner with such an established manufacturer of Chlor-hexidine salts.”

About Medichem
Medichem is a pharmaceutical company, family-owned, with over 40 years of expe-rience, and a leading Chlorhexidine manufacturer since 1985, producing more than 3.000 MT (3.000.000 Kgs) per year, and exporting such Chlorhexidine salts (Diglu-conate 20% solution, Diacetate and Dihydrochloride) in more than 50 countries on a worldwide basis, and in many different sectors beyond the pure Pharmaceutical area like the Cosmetic, Veterinary and Biocide (one of the few listed approved suppliers according to art. 95 of the Biocidal Product Regulation). A fast-growing organization with important investments in R&D on Active Principle Ingredients (APIs) and Finished Dosage Forms (FDFs) in order to be able to offer a greater and extensive pipeline day-a-day. For more information please visit

As an international acting distributor with subsidiaries and sales offices in several Eu-ropean countries and Asia, HARKE GROUP opens the industrial sales and procurement markets for its customers and suppliers in Europe and the world. The product portfo-lio of the group covers the areas of chemicals and plastics, pharmaceuticals and food. It ranges from high quality pharmaceutical raw materials, food additives and ingredi-ents, dietary supplements, cosmetic raw materials, plastic raw materials and products to chemical raw materials. In addition, HARKE GROUP offers related services such as contract packaging and contract manufacturing, packaging and mixing of different substances and chemicals. Furthermore, advising regarding regulatory issues related to chemical, pharmaceutical and food law and taking representation in this respect are among the business segments of the group. For more information please visit

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