IOI Oleo Opens New Application Lab in Hamburg


Hamburg, Germany - November 2018
Following a strategy of generating technical output and support for customers in the Personal Care industry in the last 4 years, at the beginning of 2018 the IOI group decided to invest in increasing resources for the field of technical applications. The newly created CARE Studio by IOI Oleo was inaugurated in a grand opening ceremony on November 16th with participation of 100 clients and business partners from all over Europe. The lab is dedicated to study new applications in the Personal Care environment, focusing on new exciting textures and improving the skin feel for finished products. The aim of which is optimizing acceptance of consumers for skin care products developed with IOI’s naturally based raw materials. With experienced, newly hired formulators in the CARE Studio, IOI is increasing the current resources in this field and is offering formulating services to our customers as well as conducting technical trainings in the lab for those interested in learning about modern formulation techniques.

The opening event hosted guests from 12 European countries and started with individual lab tours within the premises in Hamburg. The modern lab is equipped with working space for 12 people to allow the lab personnel and guests during technical trainings getting familiar with IOI’s technologies. Furthermore the design of the space invites for a creative working with customers, has the character of a showroom and displays a modern approach to formulation development. The interior design was created by a group of artists, who installed pieces of art in line with IOI’s creative philosophy and technical approach using original materials from the lab. During the casual event guests had an opportunity to meet colleagues from the industry, exchange points of view and discuss common grounds for cooperation.

About IOI Oleo:
IOI Oleo GmbH is a German based raw material producer for the Personal Care, Pharmaceutical and Food industries. Focusing on specialty ingredients IOI Oleo’s 280 employees work at 3 different locations in Germany. As a founding member of RSPO the IOI Group has always been an advocate for sustainable palm oil. In 2017 IOI Oleo also became supporter of FONAP, a European non-profit organization supporting sustainable palm oil. Within the portfolio of specialties IOI Oleo offer many palm-free products as well.

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