LESSONIA Starts a Factory Dedicated to Sheet Masks


Saint Thonan, France - November 2018
4 years ago Lessonia decided to invest on premises dedicated to sheet masks production for European and the North American markets. To face the real emergence of these markets Lessonia did a lot of R&D around sheet masks and made the decision to build a performing factory that complies with European quality norms. The company was right and made the right decision.

In November 2018, Lessonia opened its new production factory (8000m² on 2 floors) mainly dedicated to the impregnation of the masks.

With this second factory, Lessonia takes the place of the European leader on an expanding market. Lessonia offers to the brands wishing to evolve on this market, an industrial platform with a high production potential and conceived to respect high sanitary norms.

A strategy turned towards Europe and the North America

To support the emergence of the masks market in Europe and in the North America, Lessonia bets on a strategy turned towards the needs of the Occidental market.

Products & raw materials sourced in Europe
The necessity to trace all the mask components is undeniable. To answer to this problematic, Lessonia develops supplies in Europe to guarantee the quality of the materials and to answer to the most demanding ordering parties and to their toxicological experts.

100% skin-friendly
Masks need to offer to the consumers an immediate satisfaction and an excellent user comfort. Lessonia success is based on a manufacturing and formulation technology of 100% skin-friendly and preservative-free sheet masks’ serums. Thus, Lessonia offers « Milky Serum » 100% natural (ingredients from natural origin).

A manufacturing technology adapted to Europe and based on the automatization
The Korean and Chinese manufacturing processes are based on several intermediaries (cutting and folding masks, sachets manufacturing, packaging…) requiring numerous manual tasks. Lessonia has chosen the automatization way. A necessary method to obtain competitive manufacturing cost and to guarantee a perfect transparency and traceability.

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